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Helicopter Flying Simulator 3D 2022 – Android Gameplay #1

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Free Helicopter Flying Simulator by Game Tap is new flight simulator with amazing free flight and many challenging missions. Helicopter Sim gives the best flying experience and helps you to become a real pilot by improving your flying skills. and flying through the city. Get on the aircraft of your choice and fly around the city skyline. Use all tactics in this fun helicopter flying simulation game to complete your flight mission. Be careful while flying 3D realistic helicopter and do not crash into city buildings and skyscrapers. To complete the game mission, you have to land the helicopter at specific destination point.
In Helicopter Flight Simulator 2018 you will fly through the city to join adventurous missions. If you like flying military or civilian helicopters then you will enjoy this realistic flying game. Take flight and enjoy the view of city from top and explore huge open world environment. Complete your game mission by landing at specific destination point to earn currency.

Explore the world in your helicopter and complete each level to unlock copters. Become the best helicopter pilot in the best helicopter simulator game of all helicopter games. Helicopter can be used for many purposes like transporting vehicles or cargo, transporting passengers or to rescue civilians in emergencies.
Get free chopper from aircraft hangar hold the flight stick in flying game with various aircrafts. Flying heli in this chopper game is just like flying real helicopter as real pilot. Fly around the city in the Skylift helicopter or Apache helicopter. Explore the open world environment and discover new locations in one of the best helicopter flying simulator games!
Free helicopter game has Immersive scenarios with tall city buildings, traffic vehicles and other aircrafts. 3D Helicopter Simulator is new flight game with amazing flying missions. Helicopter fly simulation is the best flying simulation game. Now is your chance to become a flight pilot. City Helicopter Simulation has many exciting levels which helps improve flying tactics and make you the best helicopter pilot.Have fun flying the helicopter with most realistic helicopter physics. Are you ready to join fellow pilots in flying missions of this fun helicopter simulation game?
Download now the fun helicopter flying simulation game of Free Helicopter Flying Simulation by GAME TAP and enjoy flying a 3D realistic helicopter but try not to crash into city buildings and skyscrapers or you will lose.


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