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Helicopter Flying Simpulator :Car Driving 🚁3D Android Game play.

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Your passengers are waiting!

Join in the exciting new flying sensation as you fly in amazing rescue helicopters and drive fast sports cars!

Explore the huge environment, filled with forests, deserts, cities, and mountains; more than 16 km² of the area to fly and drive around in one of the best helicopter flying simulators!

Compete in tons of unique missions to become a professional helicopter pilot.

!! Helicopter Flying Simulator: Car Driving contains awesome free missions and unlimited gameplay action !!

Fly and drive from a wide range of helicopters and cars; choose between flying in search and rescue helicopter (like Bell 412 or AS-365), civil copter (like MD-500, Hughes, Ecureuil), transport chopper, and more to fly.
Take flight and help save people in a Fire rescue helicopter to transport water and extinguish the fires.
Transport broke down vehicles to the scrapyard with your helicopter to move objects with an electromagnet.
Or choose the “Apache” helicopter to fire rockets and clear the road of debris.

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Features :
– Huge open world, filled with wide open roads, mountains, city, hills, and forests
– Realistic flying and driving simulation
– Realistic flight and car driving physics
– Design cars with customization tools.
– High-quality helicopters and car models
– Dynamic camera angles
– Easy to play driving controls, use touch and tilt controls!

You can adjust the quality button to play without lag in the pause menu.

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