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Hak5 – The Flying Video Game: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 at CES 2012!

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Hak5 — Cyber Security Education, Inspiration, News & Community since 2005:
Shannon Morse talks all about the AR Drone with Julien Galou, Marketing Manager of Parrot! Hear all about the new version of the flying video game including updates to the camera, body, apps and design!


AR.Drone 2.0:
– RELEASE DATE: Available Now
– PRICE: $299

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  1. I have no idea what that guy is saying, but that little thing in the background is awesome.

  2. AR Drone camera needs to be able to change angles. i.e Angle down 45 degrees, also need image stabilization.

  3. Forget video game I want this to spy with….lol

  4. a hunk of packaging foam, 4 small electric motors, a webcam, a couple of gyroscopes and a wifi receiver… challenge accepted…

  5. just buy a align trex 550e, or logo xxtreme

  6. 300 bucks for a shitty camera on a flying peice of foam

  7. It saves in quicktime format. How is Quicktime still a thing?

  8. @ThePokemonandkhmasta Like to see you do it for cheaper.

  9. @ 3:00 How can on do that crazy Stuff (Drone in the Background)

  10. just add a gun to it and you got the first prototype assault drone.

  11. oh dear god he would use an assault drone 😛

  12. this is the way of the future , all the way to having them fly near your window looking into your home thats where they wana go with the smaller drones

  13. whats the name of the game on the ipod to use this thing

  14. What Weapon Systems can it Carry so I can Knock off Some Terrorists.

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