Giving my pets a FLYING POTION that gives them WINGS in Roblox Adopt Me! -

Giving my pets a FLYING POTION that gives them WINGS in Roblox Adopt Me!

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Giving my pets FLYING POTION that gives them WINGS in Roblox Adopt Me!

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  1. plis we playng adopt me my nikname is irenewgfeconsolina plis friend

  2. Pls me I am mymomisholly people like and subscribe and don't scam people

  3. Username aahanaplays1 dream pet is any flyable pet or ride pet please please please please please it my bday please please

  4. Can i have a shadow dragon that could fly and ride Username is thelegend267894

  5. And how can you go up and down on a flying pet?

  6. Trading sloth for ride potion (sloths are more expensive) In trying to get my friend a ride potion please

  7. Please give me pet legendary free ride and free fly

  8. i have a poem for you terra
    roses are red
    violets are blue
    you are the best
    and so am i

    i hope you like it terrq

  9. There's no Easter egg no you're just to pc the crystals make you back until you're

  10. I don’t have Twitter or anything I only have YouTube and I have TickTock that’s it

  11. i know i will never win :(( i sub,i liked and watch a whole vid
    user: bleketekrutukewel

  12. I want fly potion i love fly potion and ride potion pls give me

  13. I fan :can you add me ?!? Me a fan me name :Jorge10vjr

  14. new intro:
    "im Sabrina brite"
    "and I'm DJ momopoli"
    – Sabrina and DJ 2020

  15. • 。☆・。trixflix • 。☆・。 says:

    :me singing the intro
    :singing TERABRITE GAMES

  16. the sloth run like a ninja when ur riding it

  17. You missed the sloth update first thing DJ is riding a sloth second thing please don’t tell poke

  18. Can u trade me fly potion pls and fren me pls unfreind someone if your fren is full then add fren me my name elsa_nextgen but dont exit cause i cant exit only sometime i can exit

  19. I want pet kitsune and fly ride potian for my pet kitsune

  20. Please give me kitsune i want making neon kitsune and i give you guys

  21. Can I please have a shadow or frost dragon please

  22. THANK YOU. I’ve been wondering if you need to feed your pet a fly AND rode to be able to fly on it, and every time i searched it would just be “HOw To gEt rIdE PoTioN nO HAcKS nOT cLicKbaiT” and i finally found a vid where they feed their pet on screen. TYSM, i know what to trade away now ^^

  23. Do you need a ride potion first so you can ride your flying pet?

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