Game & Watch: Snoopy: Flying Ace -

Game & Watch: Snoopy: Flying Ace

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Join the GameXplain crew as we take to the skies in Snoopy: Flying Ace. Our impressions here!


  1. I just realized that Lucy is still going on with her 😒 boyfriend Schroeder you do you guys 👌

  2. @Kglover485 yes, they have machine guns mounted!!!

  3. 2:53 transcribe audio "that's weird to me to see the penis character of ligaments"

  4. did you guys….say you are fighting nazis? wrong world war my friends

  5. Yo Lucy is not that hard in the game I mean like really tho man 👨 like come on guys

  6. Why are you guys playing as Snoopy you guys could been playing as Lucy 👍

  7. I’m pretty sure that Lucy is the only one ☝️ that can make it on this game you guys 👍

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