Game Theory: Why Flying Pokemon CAN'T FLY! -

Game Theory: Why Flying Pokemon CAN’T FLY!

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Nowadays, Pokemon travel on your journey to becoming the best there ever was has evolved. It used to be your feet and a bike. Now, you you can ride on Pokemon in your party as a travel option. Plus, there are built in game mechanics that are basically Pokemon taxi service. The Gala region has their Flying Taxi that utilize Corviknights to fly you from place to place. Well, that got me thinkin Theorists. Did Pokemon get flying RIGHT? Could a Corviknight, or any flying type, actually carry passengers or even THEMSELF? It’s time to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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  1. Ohhhhhh Thats Why Charizard Cant Use Flying Type Moves In Gen 1 Makes Sense Now

  2. Could corvikight lift a human while walking on the ground

  3. Now we need an explanation of golurk was used for. Defense? Or War? And WHY CAN IT FLY??

  4. But I thought flying in pokemon was the equivalent of an air ability

  5. They got a geico sponser 👀👀👀 dayumm

  6. I’m feeling pretty odd rn considering I am 11 and weigh 130lbs

  7. Hi I'm doing research on this, I'm really happy if you tell me where you got all this information from, it's really going to help me.

  8. you know that weights aswell as air works not the same if you take lenght into account? we have for example an entire branch of aerodynamics that only applies for small flying objects or beings

  9. I'm sorry but Charizard don't care he is going to fly Charizard will do anything it wants to do

  10. When I was playing the original games and watching the series back in '99 as an 11 year old, I was actually smart enough to be surprised that Dragonite could learn fly. I was thinking about those pesky little wings with that big tummy. So I made up a reason. I reasoned that it must be filled with gas that could levitate it and the wings could be used to steer. At that point I was satisfied and bored my friends with an explanation. What an annoying little professor wannabe I was…

  11. When he said all those names all I could think was how scientifically the bee shouldn’t be able to fly so boom they probably should be able to fly.

  12. Yes This school is much better than normal school

  13. You should do a throy about roblox loor

  14. Game female make that flank have like that because it's a children's sewing a children's game ok ok for grown-ups who know Galaxy like me 1 people in northern and I'm not only one kicking do that and I'm mad and he brother did not

  15. "or whatever insanity the dream smp is going on this week"
    – has done one dsmp theory

  16. If modern birds are reaching the upper limit of the size they can be and still fly, then what about the flying reptiles of the past? Those things were GIGANTIC. Did they have any way of reducing their weight?

  17. The only safe form of pokemon transportation is land travel.


  19. ccording to all known laws

    of aviation,

    there is no way a charzard

    should be able to fly.

    Its wings are too small to get

    its fat body off the ground.

    The charzard, of course, flies anyway

    because charzard don't care

    what humans think is impossible.

  20. But pokemon are magical beings that can call asteroids so they can definitely use magic for that purpose

  21. How those flying Pokémon that shouldn't be able to fly that are able to is something I like to call the "Bee Theory" in which they defy the laws of aviation

  22. I have a question. If the corviknight has its armour in equal proportion to the weight of its body its whole life, wont it get used to it and carry and carry heavier and heavier objects every time according to Lamarckism??

  23. They should definitely do the flechling cart for sure

  24. Ah yes using physics to explain how magical animals can fly

  25. According to all known laws of aviation, bird pokemon shouldn’t be able to fly

  26. Well what if the gravity is way less then earth that would make i possible. But it is a world that has ball that make alternate demands so a 11year old child can walk around with a 200lb dragon on his hip. What if the taxi uses the same technology?

  27. Why is charizard heavier than a corvinight
    I assure charizard is flesh while corvinight is metal

  28. Why is transportation an issue in a world where teleportation exists?

  29. Thank you for making ads fun and not just giving me a bunch of useless info that I don’t listen to

  30. Flying the natural skill is not the same as fly the move. Moves are magical to a degree using the move just gives you lift

  31. an ''metal bird'' called plane isd beter than an real metal bird WOLWOWPOWOWOWOWSOWEOWOPWOWOWEWOWOWOWOWOWOW0OWO WOW

  32. Me who’s 11 and weighs 176ibs and is my fat

  33. 12:45 this work with any pokemon can fly like a 10000000 rebombee ( if it can fly) can do the trick

  34. they can fly because of the power of friendship

  35. But the question is, is the same laws of physics apply to the pokemon universe, does the same force of gravity (9.8 m/s²), are they being used to make this theory, or is the planet that the pokemon universe is in, have a lighter gravitational pull

    EDIT: I just did the quick math after making this assumption, and it would either indicate that the weight we see on the pokedex is either translated into our forces (being again 9.8 m/s²) but that wouldn't make sense seeing that the characters in the show and the game use those entries and believe they are true, "but what about if the gravitational pull in their world is greater?" Thus bringing up the fact again that the birds wouldn't be able to carry their own weight and collapse upon themselves, but it still leaves more questions to be unsolved if the forces were greater or less than ours

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