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Full Airliner Flight on Xbox Series X | Microsoft Flight Simulator 4K

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Hello dear passengers, this is your captain UnitedG speaking. We start our flight from KLAX Los Angeles and fly to KONT Los Angeles-Ontario. On the way there are always inconsiderate pilots who make a low flight around KLAX with the A320 and I apologize for this. Please sit down and fasten your seat belt and do not play any games on Xbox Cloud on your smartphone during take-off and landing.

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Full Microsoft Flight Simulator gameplay playlist:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Game Title: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Sim Update: 5

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  1. 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, retard, 5. Did it really say that?😂

  2. It’s shocking how much better the graphics are on the series x

  3. Very nice video. Excellent. I am a fan of flight simulator. Is it worth getting an Xbox console to play this game? Is it the same as on the computer?

  4. Does this work with static traffic add on

  5. Is the Flight simulator on Xbox x the same as on a pc? Thank you.

  6. I'm so glad I got a series x.. It's a pure power house.

  7. 50% fuel at take off? May GOD have mercy on your soul. 🥴

  8. I tried to land the f-18 in a field near my house. It didn't go well.

  9. Just 6:24 seconds in and coming from the ramp it looked really good however, belt loader needed to be lowered before backing up and catering truck needs someone to marshal them back not to mention driving under the wing is a huge no no lol great graphics so far

  10. Well the plane doesn’t show the wing flex found in the real aircraft. Only shown in the cinematic

  11. That didn't look quite right for some reason. Does the game always glitch like that?

  12. thats very good mate… but funny moments as well… that i was looking for compair the graphics between the systems, thanks a lot.

  13. So does this game teach you how to really fly a plane? Or is it video game style for messing around for fun easy anyone can fly it in one minute

  14. everything beautiful in fs2020 except the clouds. can't they make this better

  15. Wtf am I doing playing island flight sim on ps5 wen I could buy a xbox xs and play this amazing game

  16. Hello I am very late. I was wondering how do you spawn at the gate I always spawn at the runway?

  17. How do you get all these extra details in the game? Loading trucks, Jet way, other planes… I’m shocked.

  18. How do you get the plane to be off at the beginning???

  19. You're not a qualified pilot :D…!!! You can't even fly good and you can't connect the jetway :D…!!!

  20. i dont have like that i just click world map then click airport is on runway alr

  21. Just after playing that on the series X don't like it . To many control options and I tested it crashing . When that happens everything is pixilated the buildings . And I got all the settings correct ..looks ok when your in the air but try doing a crash test then it looks like trash lol . Uninstalled it

  22. lol saw your Note… At first I was like HOLD SHORT MF! lol

  23. This game fucking sucks on xbox I love it on pc but hated it on xbox

  24. Great video bud – quick question, how do you get other airplanes on the ground/air with you? Been playing for few months and all the airports including LAX are completely empty

  25. I would say you didnt follow the rules at all… keep training ! You are flying with food and baggage but no passengers and already hit 2 planes while on the ground. LOL

  26. Licence lost 😂 wrong and dangerus taxiway

  27. so you just took the people's luggage to where ever and left them there. lol

  28. Can you fly the plane from the cockput just like on the computer and real life on xbox ? I am not talking about on thr app where it gives you a few stuff. Like can you use thr mcdu on xbox?

  29. Is the x Box Series x good tovplay fs 2020. Performance Graphics addons

  30. I started on the original incarnation of this series, on an Apple 2 computer. The graphics have improved a little since then I see.

  31. I'm playstation all the way since ps1 but this is the only Xbox game which makes me jealous as hell

  32. I wanted to ask why I don’t have those aircraft anouncements I am new

  33. Ok so i love this game so much however when i play and i turn a knob to adjust the altitude or change heading for ap the knobs continue to turn and i cant stop them and I would like to know if theres a setting to change that

  34. How do you start from the gates, they keep starting me from the runway

  35. I understand that Microsoft Flight Simulator pulls at 4k and 60fps?

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