FREE QUEST 2 GAME! FLY PLANES IN VR #vr #quest2 #oculusquest2 -

FREE QUEST 2 GAME! FLY PLANES IN VR #vr #quest2 #oculusquest2

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  1. its free but it cost money to fly it only for a few mins

  2. Id rather play warplanes that play a plane simulator that has a car side mirror

  3. if you want a accurate flying game then play warplanes and i know its not free

  4. Is it on steam then you hook up your vr?

  5. Threw up my first time flying in VR. (VTOLVR)

    I still can only fly around 10 minutes without feeling woozy as shit but I'm hoping I'll adjust with more play time. It's amazing tho

  6. Ultra wing 2 it’s free and you can fly around

  7. Is that a rear fucking view mirror on a PLANE?

  8. 1.7 stars = 💩 pay for time= 💩 (💩+💩=💩💩

  9. Quick question um can you go to new York before 2001 pleas answer

  10. If you have a pc, VTOL VRnis my favorite ve game ever. Seriously try it out

  11. THANK U! i have been looking for a free plane game this helped so much!

  12. Can you do it tutorial how to drive the plane

  13. You need to pay for hours so u can play

  14. This is a god awful game you have pay for hours you get a free 15 minute test flight but your time counts on the tutorial like what the hell

  15. Love you part where I don’t have to use a fucking gay ass pc

  16. bro delete this fly a plane in VR BRO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT WDYM ITS NOT FREE BRO

  17. And you oay 5 an hour and it looks terriblf

  18. You need to pay to get “flight hours” and a flight hour is one minute so you can on,y play for free for 15 minutes

  19. Great game But its bullshit you have to pay to play

  20. free game i gave it my email and password and evereytime id try to sign in its an error 2!!! BAD GAME

  21. The game is $6/h, and if you're wondering, it is supposed to be used for trainers and new pilots so they can practice flying while not at their flight school/

  22. The owner of this game sucks b for adding time

  23. These devs are only trying to line their own pockets. I dont think that they took into consideration the fact that NOBODY IS GONNA PAY $6.00 per hour to play this! Talk about stupid!!! NO F'n WAY!!!! I'll go back to X-Plane11 where my $$ is better spent!!! This sim isnt that good!!! The $$ for this is better spent at a gentlemans club for a lap dance!

  24. 15 minutes for free time that’s how long it took me to sign up

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