Flying with the PTFS Blue Angels! (Pilot Training Flight Simulator ROBLOX) -

Flying with the PTFS Blue Angels! (Pilot Training Flight Simulator ROBLOX)

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Thank you very much for watching! This evening I flew backseat with the PTFS Blue Angels and it was great fun, this video showcases a really cool training!
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Thanks to Penguin from the BA Media Team for supplying me with some additional clips!

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  1. Never seen a video like this! 😭 this is the best video ive ever seen


  3. thats very cool you have to have good team work and communication skills to do this

  4. This is purely just amazing congrats to these guys and you!

  5. Teamwork communication flying skills all is 100000000000000000000000/10 so perfect

  6. I can already tell their is gonna be a sea of suggestions for PTFS in the comments

  7. there is a new game on roblox called Airplane testing Simulator. maybe you could try it

  8. This brings back memories from my flight squadron in u.s.a.f

  9. I own my own group but it’s an Army, my blue angels one I gave to my friend. But I’m still Co ownerr

  10. What is the name of the second song? I am trying to edit a video for my moms birthday and I want to use it.

  11. Some of these kids could probably fly with the blue angles one day the one leading does a great job guiding his team well done

  12. I like how the commander sounds like a child

  13. I once ask players to do an airshow even only using the eurofighter typoon,but they just cant-

  14. That was so amazing, I did not think it was possible for me to do it.

  15. How did you guys rotate your planes can't even do that how?

  16. How do you use the smoke for the original military planes?

  17. Whats mindblowing is that the kid's commanding the whole team which is to me is impressive. Well done!

  18. I like the music and the video that the blue angels did the up side down that was my favorite part of the video

  19. Bro that’s crazy and they sound younger than me I’d be super cool to see that in game

  20. I am fortunate to say i have been able to see them irl flying

  21. Blue angels faz um ano que não se sabe o quanto o Brasil vai passar por uma fase mais difícil Blue angels esse é um jogo 🎮 mais legal 😎 😎

  22. Best roblox thing ive ever seen pls do more! I LOVE IT! 😀


  24. I really enjoyed this video, the reason is the skilled, and epic formations, Secondly, it's old PTFS from 2021, That was the era when i played everyday PTFS.

  25. I bought the gamepass bc I love the blue angles

  26. Hello Sam. I have Started a Junior Blue Angels And Was Wondering if you wanted to Look?

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