Flying Train Simulator 2018 Futuristic Train Games New Android Gameplay -

Flying Train Simulator 2018 Futuristic Train Games New Android Gameplay

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After blockbuster success of gyroscopic bus & elevated bus simulator wacky studio brings another futuristic public transport simulator, Multistorey Flying Train a hybrid of modern airplane and transport train. Play Flying Train Simulator 2018 Futuristic Train Games and get behind the cockpit of flying train to provide public transport in future city. This next-gen sky train is built like a passenger plane and attached to the current collector in a steel trestle, powered by electric motors in transport train games. Flying train driver controls the aircraft from cockpit similar to a passenger airplane in futuristic train simulator.

Witness new generation of public transport for future city on sky tracks and faster then bullet trains. Transport passengers from one flying train station to other subway station in sky high elevated train.
This season get ready for adventurous flying experience on sky high railway tracks. Put your seatbelts and get set for sky train driving with the fastest flying train ride 1000 ft above the big city. Hop into high tech transit train and guide it through future city routes transporting citizens and tourists. Drive your futuristic train and fly like a passenger plane to transport people, stop at sky train stations and open futuristic train doors to pickup people. Pull lever on high speed don’t let electric engine derail the sky train line and control the elevation to avoid collision in metro train games. This is the future of public transport for cities of tomorrow like new york, london, paris, rome and fly modern train above big city skyscrapers. Pick & drop passengers on board to flying train station

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