Flying to my old Irish house in Flight Simulator -

Flying to my old Irish house in Flight Simulator

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I flew to my old house in Ireland in Flight Simulator 2020

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  1. Dude you should not have flown with that co pilot in the intro.

  2. Can you play this on xbox? If so I would LOVE this game

  3. Bruh the trainer said adjust
    altitude and jacksepticeye thinks the trainer said attitude but it is ok

  4. I love how he was about to do the happy wheels intro and he crashes into the building and I still went HAAAAAAAAPPPPYYYYYYY WHHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLS!

  5. It’s weird to think that they would have modeled EVERY house, like, your house was made, my house probably is I have t found it yet lol, it’s just so cool to think about

  6. Game: gives reason why airplane imploded on itself
    Jack: invisible wall

  7. I crashed into my house in this game… It was amazing

  8. 1 like = signature for jack to fly over North-Korea

  9. I thought you said flying TO it, not into it.

  10. “ came to see the kids”😂😂woah what’s that meant to mean

  11. Hey jack if you like this game then can you play dcs

  12. Why did you movie to Britan from our home town athlone I actually lived there but when I was 3 my mom made me move to Finland

  13. Yoo guys it’s Otto from airplane (a comedy movie)

  14. Funny thing, I think I have been to your house while you still lived there.
    Edit: I just happened to pass it because I live in Athlone. Not because I'm a stalker.

  15. I like how he complains that that the game isn't the reality

    I think it was a terrible idea from the beginning.

  17. They need to put this in vr and Sean should play it

  18. so petition for jack to have a channel where he just teaches us about ireland

  19. When jack was flying from Dublin airport I saw my fucking house

  20. Imagine if you study at Athlone Institute of Technology (Sean's school) and you see a plane about to crash in the school tracks.

  21. apparently this game is on xbox game pass but its not for xbox so we cant play it and im kinda mad i cant flay a 747 into my room in my house in my own room on my xbox

  22. my dad is OBSESSED with this game. he has a whole setup in his office that looks like a literal cockpit.

  23. That scene from the bee movie lmao with the plane

  24. Its fun watching Jack playing mfs i can't play it myself don't have a pc lol 😁

  25. Man shatters plane mid flight and destroys local collage


  26. after hearing the word captain and the jack immediately after i was expecting to hear sparrow, but no

  27. Watching this video again in the middle of ground school, its strange to say the least. I use to just look out the windows, and now I look at the tools. Like there was one point where he should have stepped on the ball. But hey, it’s just a game! Any other soon to be pilots watching this?

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