Flying to my old Irish house in Flight Simulator -

Flying to my old Irish house in Flight Simulator

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I flew to my old house in Ireland in Flight Simulator 2020

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  1. Jack: there is a truck driving through a building over there
    Me: visible fustration

  2. The fact he is flying with a controller hurts me

  3. no one's gonna notice the movie reference in the intro?

  4. hi im a big fan and i just wanted to let you know that a new my friend Pedro game just came out it,s called my friend Pedro ripe for revenge please play it,s fun but the controls are shit thanks the sour survivalists

  5. at start: peaceful 20 seconds later: A PHYCOPATHIC PLANE!!!!!

  6. "Adjust your attitude guys!" Ten seconds earlier:"SHITTY LITTLE ANTS!!!"

  7. Just got Microsoft flight simulator and I’m using the same plane you are

  8. jess: at 65 knots with 10 degrees of flaps and idle power change your pitch if you need to and keep your aim point on the runway number, you'll need to add flaps to increase your rate of descent. but you'll also need to push forward and trim to change your altitude and maintain the same speed

    jack summing it all up for us viewers at home: WERE COMING IN HOT!

  9. I was in athlona too, I always hated ypur helling from next door but now your okay.

  10. Petiton for jack to revisit his old log cabin in real life after so long (if its still there)

  11. Breaking news: happy Irish man goes to happy ireland

  12. I don’t exactly what dolly’s grove is but what I do know is that it’s some kind of airfield

  13. Jack is so handsome and that's coming from a young little wee Ladd

  14. As a pilot I'm going to yell "FLY YOU MAJESTIC BEAST FLY" instead of "rotate" from now on

  15. What would have been cool was if you could have another player be your co-pilot

  16. the people who live in that house now : Why are there so many fucking people knocking on the door

  17. First thing I did in flight sim was fly to my house it was so cool 😂

  18. If the developers of Flight Simulator and BeamNG worked together, we would get the greatest game of all time.

  19. ok couple things (flight student nerding out here)
    1. the cessna (and other single engine planes with a clockwise rotating prop) turn left because of the left turning tendencies
    2. Lough rea is next to Athlone, Lough derg is to the north east of Shannon airport, just south of portumna

  20. tôi thích sự chỉnh sửa duyên dáng, được thực hiện tốt

    Jack: why did I crash?

  22. Jack being family friendly

    2 minutes later:🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  23. Wait if you kill your past self that means you cease to exist in the future

  24. This person does not represent Irish people in any way. We don't dye our hair green, we dont say "top of the morning to ya" and we don't have his accent!
    Pandering to the American stereotype is embarrassing for any true Irish person!

  25. Let Jacksepticeye tell you where everything in Ireland is

  26. 6:45 if i heard that message on my flight I'd be laughing my ass off and I'd also be very concerned

  27. I live in the town where you used to live


  29. Returning now to this because this is the video that introduced us to Jack and made us aware of youtube gamers and in part inspired us to become youtubers <3 I mean, he's no Markiplier, but i love this man.

  30. I think the weird ambient noise when you crash is weirdly calming and creepy.

  31. Nice announcement voice jack you sound like a real pilot except you're not still doh 10 out of 10

  32. “Nothing but fields and sheep, with old men yelling at them”
    The sheep or the fields

  33. Jack: I'd never dox myself! That'd just be stupid
    Also Jack: Proceeds to zoom out onto google maps from his "current" location

    Yes I know this isn't his real location smart kid

  34. 1 like – 1 appreciation for Robin's editing on this one!

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