Flying To Area 51 Was a Mistake! - Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer Gameplay -

Flying To Area 51 Was a Mistake! – Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer Gameplay

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Flying to Area 51 was a Mistake in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Multiplayer Gameplay. Can SpyCakes & Camodo Gaming manage to fly to Area 51 in a Boeing 747 through a Storm or will it be a massive disaster filled with funny moments & bad pilot skills? This is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 multiplayer gameplay!

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About Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:

“From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and accurate aircraft in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator game. Test your piloting skills against the challenges of night flying, real-time atmospheric simulation and live weather in a dynamic and living sim world.”

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  1. What kind of reality show is this?
    Where were the F16's chasing you to shoot you down for entering restricted airspace?
    Besides – everyone knows that you can't fly a Boeing to area 51, it's got to be a Lockheed!
    "Ding Dongs"
    Just kidding guys, fun stuff!
    See ya……..

  2. I want some better recreation of Area 51 😀

  3. Jump out of the ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ plane

  4. You should fly to north korea and see what happens.

  5. If you want unredacted pics you can download them directly from the satellites as they pass. This isn't hard to do. Commerical sat imagery satellites do not use encryption and it's beamed down to earth. Google it. Fk the feds

  6. is it just me or do I hear a supressed overspeed! – overspeed! – overspeed!

  7. I like how he low key said they needs likes to navigate

  8. The hillbillies from The Saragosa Sea in GTA V steal some 747s…..

  9. Blown out of the sky by a virtual missile…..

  10. Wow, I am surprised the government didn't require flight simulator too censor area 51. Though I suppose they didn't care since you really can't tell what the buildings are doing, unless you actually work there.

  11. Looks like they took off from the Biggs Army Airfield at Fort Bliss. Lol

  12. All the action is at Area 56 (Dreamland).

  13. One just doesn't fly to area 51…

    You Fly to S4 and receive Clearance to Land at Area 51 (Groom Lake)

  14. You guys would give a 747 pilot a heart attack.

  15. You call it area 51. I call it area 50-fun.

  16. You guys were actually better than the last EasyJet flight I took

  17. Always amazed at how realistic the program is. Next time, go silent, fly over, wait for the ground to air welcome wagons coming at you over 2.5 mach.

  18. I learned on a its called Area 51 because of the way they divided Nevada into areas back then and that's the area the base is on.

  19. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the way you bounced over those houses/buildings

  20. Atleast it didnt get taking down by the 🇺🇸 government.

  21. Anyone getting cannonball run vibes: "Welcome to our new fly- drive"

  22. Unless your a military air craft with clearance by M I B you cant land at area 51 because they use Alien Technology to prevent you from doing so I should know as I'm from Uranus

  23. I can't believe I found this channel again. I used to watch all the stormworks videos but I had to make a new google account and forgot to find this channel again. Pretty sure I was somewhere between 600k-1M subscribers.

  24. Would you like to see more of our bad piloting adventures? We will learn as we go!

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