Flying THE ORVILLE! - Interactive Fan Game Experience! -

Flying THE ORVILLE! – Interactive Fan Game Experience!

Captain Jack
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Today we’re taking a look at The Orville Interactive Fan Experience, produced by long time and dedicated fans!

Step aboard the USS Orville (ECV-197), the Planetary Union’s finest mid-level exploratory class cruiser.

Download here:

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  1. Thank u for showing this 😍 downloading now, I love Orville and can't wait til 2020 when eaglemoss starts doing their ships

  2. If the project becomes famous, it will close it as stage 9 and it will end there.

  3. Sucks the Enterprise project got shut down my dad was a huge fan of Star trek he died back in March of heart failure 😢 he loved how many creative people tried to make Star trek like stuff when I first told him about the Minecraft one-to-one creation of the Enterprise he was like "really? That's amazing" his favorite Star trek shows were Next Generation, The Original, and Deep Space Nine but he watched all the other ones and he loved playing Star trek online and I told him when I get a VR headset we would try to play Star trek bridge crew and was very interested in the new "Discovery" show heck my middle name is Wesley after Wesley crusher and my little brother's name is Riker after Commander Riker I still have all his model ships and old action figures he even had an old record I miss him so much 😭 this looks really good as well and I hope the team keeps making more cool things though thanks for the amazing video

  4. I am guessing that Seth and team aren't stupid enough to attack this project.

  5. Paramount: STAGE 9 MADE ANOTHER TREK FAN GAME SET LAWYERS ON ATTACK!!. Wait its not our game.. .

    Paramount: We must inform the company that owns the trek rip off that they are being exploited by fans.

    20 Century Fox: ??? Fan game. Checks.. Its a free to play.. if they are not using it for profit we don't need to bother with it. let them have fun its great free advertisement.

    Paramount: Tell the creator he'll be pissed..

    20th Century Fox: Umm dude he's currently playing the game… Like really Seth is having a blast seeing it done by loyal fans. Probably wants to hire some of them I bet.

  6. Orville > Star Trek Discovery
    Orville is the real continuation of Star Trek imo.

  7. Yeah i got a laser rifle !

    Fuck You Cactus !

    R I P Cactus

  8. I want to be able to play this on my phone or tablet

  9. Good idea, but I have a bit the feeling the Model vs Charactersize is wrong.

  10. Wish Paramount didn't kill similar StarTrek projects.

  11. Damn, I just hope this isn't gonna get shut down as well.

  12. The early start to a great Orville Video Game, however i wonder how long until fox sues.

  13. No wonder he threw again the jar of pickles, he couldn't open it xD

  14. Wow thats beautiful i wish they put this on consule….

  15. This what they should've done with star trek online.


    Was anyone else waiting for that clown to show up?

  17. unsubbing for the inability to pronounce thr letter 'R'

  18. If they make it a full on game like everyone needs to do there job on the ship so it can run it would be fun

  19. I'm going to be honest I think this would do great as a open world MMORGP. Just like star civilization.

  20. It hurt when you threw the pickles. Those are very precious pickles to Ed.

  21. I think that yellow substance on which you slipped was Gordon's piss. That's his piss corner. From Identity II

  22. Not that big of a fan? then you must not like TNG very much. Orville is great you should give it a chance.

  23. Dang I did not know the Orville had this big of of a fan base I just searched up orville

  24. With my Toshiba 27” LCD HDTV 1080p 🖥 this Game looks amazing ( especially in Space ) i can only imagine how awesome 4K must look Visually 🎥 Thanx 4 Posting 🇵🇹

  25. Good on the lads, did they get the official OK on this? After getting (unfairly) stomped on by CBS for Stage 9, the last thing they need is another project shutdown.

  26. Ive never seen a video with 4k resolution. Nice!

  27. This is quite fascinating, so many comments about what they loved about the show.

  28. Fuck I wish this was voyager or enterprise

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