FLYING THE F-22 RAPTOR (WORLD'S BEST FIGHTER JET) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun -

FLYING THE F-22 RAPTOR (WORLD’S BEST FIGHTER JET) – Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun

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  1. F22 does infact still have classified information, to a degree that pilots are told not to show its full capability when flying it

  2. I think your mistaking the f22 for the f15. The f15 eagle is undefeated in in air to air combat. The f22 hasn't had nearly as much expierience in air to air combat. The f15 is known for being the best fighter jet in history.

  3. This craft and most aircraft that this company produced are king of the sky's.

  4. i guess its not the best one its one of better ones

  5. Hey man no hate or anyting but next video please get your fackts right man. Came oute in 1977, more like 1997.

  6. lets have a moment of silence for supercruising at 200 meters and ended up breaking multiple windows of the bulidings.

  7. Fun fact, politics brought down the F-22 Raptor production because “it is more expensive than bricks of gold”. If they wouldn’t have brought it down there would’ve been a Navy Variant’s and improved upgrades, their wouldn’t have been an f-35 if they didn’t bring the f-22 out of production.

  8. Bro I love you keep up the good work please read this

  9. Can you play Ace Combat 7? I think you would like it as you can use your stick and throttle, it’s about 20 missions and you can use the F22 if you get enough money from it

  10. Clearly this man hasn't heard of sukhois

  11. The F-22 Raptor DID NOT come out in the 1970’s. It’s first prototype flight was in 1997 for testing. It was introduced to the US Military for service in 2005. They were produced from 1996-2011 with an average $125,000,000-$137,000,000 price per unit.

  12. If it inspires you then I'm sure you will make a good airman in the airforce

  13. Imagine being the one pilot who got shot down in this plane

  14. SU-57 is the best dogfighter jet, it can out manoeuvre the f-22 due to its thrust vectoring ability

  15. The US have escorted 12 raptors to poland and the US is training polish pilots to use these birds 🙂

  16. Your ignorance on planes really wants me to die lol

  17. The F22 first flew in 1997 not 77 lol.
    Was introduced in 2005. It's a whole generation ahead of anything the 70s had

  18. First raptor flight was 1997… not 77 my dude.

  19. The F22 isn't the superior aircraft in dogfighting. It has loose to the Rafale an all international competitions since a lot of years.

  20. Him flying so close to the ground is making me so uncomfortable

  21. Bro I don't you said that the F35 was the best world's best fighter Make your mind up

  22. The F22 first flew in 1977, learn soneothing new everyday LMAO

  23. msfs is good and all but you should fly the f22 in DCS, its mind boggling

  24. talk the talk but cant walk the walk smfh. looked like you stepped off the set of top gun , and cant find the latch for the canopy? in another video he couldn't find the switch for the landing pfffft

  25. There’s three of asking for the SU 57

  26. Maybe a dumb question, but can you tell me what menu option shows the altitude and VS in text while in the cockpit?

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