flying the entire game... -

flying the entire game…

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  1. that was so amazing I'm wondering if you can pull it off again in the modern days

  2. Στυλιανος Καραθάνος says:

    Who could imagine that when chopas came out the same meme would be recreated

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  5. Sorry im a little bit late but if fresh is ur son lannan whos his mother

  6. Who else got their recommendation two years late

  7. Fresh:why are the zombies coming to me!!!!!?????

    Lazarbeam:this is the one!!!!!

  8. When fortnite was this easy 🙂
    Now people make the Empire State Building in a second 🙁

  9. Why y’all have to make a big drama over a game?

  10. Oh no you found my hiding spot ahahhdhhddhjfjf

  11. Thanks to all the zombies who made this possible

  12. Why haven’t any cirkur’s think’t about yousing ballons to make people fly?
    Cirkur’s manager: 👍

  13. Which one you guys comes up with these random ideas

  14. I hope they unvault balloons for a whole season soon 😢 maybe my favorite item they’ve ever had in the game cause it was so silly

  15. You don’t like violence… When you fall.

  16. Ahhh this is when he actually uploaded and had good content.

  17. Lazarbeam: who lands greasy?
    Jigsaw: you do not appreciate something until you go without it

  18. That skin looks like something a twitch administrator would wear

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  20. I’ve just noticed how much that skin looks like hisoka

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