Flying the course a game changer -

Flying the course a game changer

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Now it can be told! The foiling tack is a game-changer.

SoftBank Team Japan​ and then ORACLE TEAM USA, started foil-tacking upwind back in April. Earlier this summer, ORACLE TEAM USA, added the move to its repertoire when sailing in full manual-mode, and now the race is on to get around the race course without coming down off the foils.

“It’s very likely that the boat that can make it around the racecourse without touching the water will win this America’s Cup,” said tactician/sailing team manager Tom Slingsby​.

Video by Sam Greenfield / ORACLE TEAM USA


  1. You go guys!

    This is going to make the racing more interesting too!

  2. The hull not touching the water to win? Man, how have America's Cup changed.

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