Flying the COMAC C919 - China's Game Changer? -

Flying the COMAC C919 – China’s Game Changer?

Sam Chui
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I just flew on China’s new airplane COMAC C919 from Shanghai to Chengdu with China Eastern Airlines.

It’s been more than 3 years since I last visited mainland China. The flight was a pleasant and modern one for me and many other aviation enthusiasts. Powered by the same CFM leap engines, the C919 shares many similarities with Airbus and Boeing. My flight took almost 3 hours, flying at 34,000 ft with a maximum speed of Mach 0.78.

During the flight, I experienced both C919 Business and Economy class seat features, the lavatory and galley. The middle seat width on C919 is half an inch wider to compensate for the shoulder room like A220. I spoke with the operating crew about their training and operation on the new C919.

At the end of the flight, I gave my verdict as a passenger on the C919. In short, the C919 needs to prove itself in commercial service that it can meet the economics and the required efficiency. Currently, there are over 500 orders by Chinese airlines and leasing companies but the future success depends on foreign certification of this airplane.


  1. What happened to C515, predecessor of C919 Comac?

  2. I subscribed to your channel a few years ago, but last week was actually my first time on an airplane. I have to say that for someone who has never been on an airplane, or has been on an airplane, the experience when watching your videos makes a huge difference.

  3. So happy to hear you Sam 大哥 speaking chinese language. 😊

  4. Welcome to china airlines thank you for choosing the airline

  5. Don't care if it has a Western engines. If its made in China I won't fly on it 😅

  6. To certain countries, C919 has no need to be certified by US or Europe, it could fly direct line between their countries and China or domestic line, the same as C919 can fly domestically in China without being certified by US and Europe.

  7. C919 already attracts 2000 orders across the world – Boeing must be crying

  8. China Jet Plane Good Engine Include China Defend Air Force Jet Fighters ( J – 20 , – J – 10 , – J – 16 , – J – 17 ) . Hope New Engine For China Jet Fighter Ready To Build & Use, – ( Just One Step More U The Best ) ,- God Bless All, – Thanks All, ….. Cheerio.*****.

  9. Politics aside, I think it's great that China has built their own aircraft, looking forward to fly with one when I'm visiting China.

  10. 西方技术,中国市场,中国组装。与波音,空客的同类机型在外形和技术层面上没有本质区别,其安全性,可靠性是可以信赖的。依靠自身市场优势,获取技术,自己组装出一个新的航空客机品牌,已经是一个了不起的成就。

  11. @samchui, it is off topic, but do you know if there is a lounge for StarGold costumers at TFU when fly international

  12. I heard the orders are now over 1000. Well done guys!

  13. I am very proud of my country's effort on this airplane. These are all individual work. From every signal consistent to the enormous engine. I am very proud. But I think Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 is still the leader of the international flight.

  14. Narrowbody airliner in 2023???
    Gamechanger?? Hahahahaha
    Regional airline is dead post Covid, yeah and it never got the rebound, Bombardier cancelled the CRJ, Mitsubishi cancelled their Spacejet, I wasn't even sure Embraer got more than a dozen orders. Plenty of A320 on sale for chips since airlines went bankrupt.
    This might be the greatest small airliner ever but no ones buying it today, in this environment, the market simply doesn't exists.
    China may buy a few but it'll soon disappears from history like the Mitsubishi Spacejet and numerous Russian jets in history.

  15. i will never fly on a communist chinese aircraft and will boycott any airline that does. i support banning any airline from doing business with the usa for purchasing any communist chinese aircraft.

  16. Bro only talks about the good things because it is China Airlines

  17. 好, 您以自己的实际行动, 乘C919, 完成了一次真正的 东升西降。

  18. I think the front is really look like boing787 and the middle and the back is look like airbus 350, cool 😮

  19. Смотри ка их смоль уже перевозит людей .. Интересно какую нишу он занял ,, ближних,, ,, средних,, ? А. Как же мс 21? Когда ? Нууу так не честно , Я обижаюсь …. 😏🥺😔

  20. 第一次听你说汉语😂感谢你对祖国公平的态度和支持!加油!

  21. what a mental case taking a chinese plane for money. i know chinese greed knows no bounds but this is suicidal. poor stewardesses… must have a death wirsh or their families threatened by these communist animals

  22. It's a pretty damn good start from China….

  23. What a brave man taking his life literally on his hands.

  24. 发动机被断供了 从此C919就是只有意向没有实质订货和交易的科技飞跃的大笑话。

  25. $50m for a C919 bulk price. This is a game changer for low cost airlines

  26. Well done china 🇨🇳 . someone to look up to ❤ love from srilanka ❤

  27. Great to see a unbiased review of new product 😅😅😅
    I have very good impressions of this aircraft 😊😊😊

  28. I think the plane is very nice. A large and spacious cabin. useful galley. The exterior of the plane is very cool.

  29. Wow china rapidly excel in almost all field

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