Flying School Bus Simulator 2019 HD Trailer -

Flying School Bus Simulator 2019 HD Trailer

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Welcome to the next generation of Flying School Bus Simulator game!
Have you ever heard about flying buses? OR about flying school bus to pick and drop the school children in real time? Yes it was the future, but it’s come true now in this flying school bus simulation game. The most realistic and futuristic flying school bus simulator game is here! It’s all about to the newest and most realistic futuristic flying school bus game ever!
Your duty is to fly the school bus towards the parking area, take the school kids and fly the bus towards their school safely. You have to fly the school bus in beautiful realistic city. You need to be very careful and active to avoid collisions with skyscrapers; if you hit any building you will lose the game. So fly carefully and precisely like an expert pilot.
This is #1 FREE Flying Bus Simulator Game. Freestyle Mountain touring, parking with extreme full nitro Bus. Fly around the world travel beautiful landscapes be a real bus driver.
You need be on time if you wander here and there instead of flying school bus towards destination parking area of school then you will lose the game. Reach school bus parking area on time for earning maximum points for purchasing other school buses.
Select school bus of your own choice and enjoy the flying of school bus in beautiful city. This school bus game will serve you as flight simulator for improving your driving and parking skills.
If you like airplane and flight pilot simulator games then this will be the best experience for you.
Let’s begin your flying bus simulator game career today.
Features of flying School bus simulator
• It’s absolutely FREE on Google Play Store
• 3D city environment with realistic graphics
• Realistic flying bus physics
• Smooth controls and fun gameplay
• Cash Animation
• Experience the smooth gameplay of this free flying simulator game
• Detailed 3D optimized graphics to run smoothly on your mobile phone or tablet device
• Precise Driving
• Offline game play
• Real 3D environment
• HD graphics
• Amusing sounds

You might have played many flying games but I bet you have never played flying school bus game on higher altitudes. It is very risky to fly school bus on such unlimited heights because when you are climbing at higher altitudes then life can get pretty miserable and you can fall at any point. So don’t waste your time and enjoy the flying of school bus game offered by 3BeesStudio !!!

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  1. That is a not realistic program a bus would not fly without modern Alien Technic.. Skycar can too nearly no fly and I dislike this game

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