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“Flying Robot Chicken” catches orange balls in the ring for the game | Part 18. Series 05

Super Gravity
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Hello, friends! Go to the fabulous world of gravity.

In the eighteenth episode of the animated series for kids, robots have created a new environment for games and entertainment.

Today is a novelty a new robot has arrived to us, its name is “Flying Robot Chicken”. Robo chicken has 9 colored crystals installed, they are all gravitational, with which he flies on crystals, this is his world, he lives here and has fun on steep slides, and the operator shoots and shows life in the world of live slides and robots and shows these adventures to children and adults, so that you are interested and fun.

“Flying Robot Chicken” flew to the playing field to have fun, 6 new towers with a height of 85 meters were built on the playing field, the towers are built of colored cubes of crystals, diamonds and colored silicon. Above each tower there is a guardian of 6 pieces, he is needed so that the tower does not fall from the wind, the guardian is a flying thinking robot that flies on diamonds and crystals and he sends greetings to you!

With the help of the energy of the crystal, they turn off the gravity around them and therefore can fly. This is a world of funny slides.

There are also 4 pyramids with ears, mouth and eyes made of crystals built on the playing field. Pyramids are built of smooth cubes, they were built by flying robots. The height of the pyramids is 75 meters.
Our new “Flying Robot Chicken” has arrived from afar, where it was built in a robot factory, and wants to have fun himself and please the guys. The robot will amuse the guys, it will talk to you, squeak, beep every time you watch it, it will roll around the playing field, it will destroy pyramids of colored cubes, and then it will get to the towers and gradually break each of the four cheers, the guys have fun when the cubes fall on the playing field the field is under the influence of gravity, and we will find out about it when we watch cartoons.

Each simulation is individual and cannot be repeated!

Characteristics: Colored balls weighing 25 kg and 1000 balls roll under the influence of gravity and fall from a mountain from a great height, along a colored chute 100 meters long, at high speed, the height of a steep hill is 55 meters.

Friends, watch all the videos in 4K resolution and with headphones, the future has come. Relaxation for the eyes and mind.

The first series of steep slides:

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Cartoon for children | Learning in supergravity

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