FLYING PLANES..WITH A 6 YEAR OLD! Roblox Flight Simulator! -

FLYING PLANES..WITH A 6 YEAR OLD! Roblox Flight Simulator!

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Today on Izzy’s Train Time let’s play Roblox!


  1. Ryan’s Railfanning Productions 156 says:

    IVE PLAYED THIS GAME BEFORE!!!!! Also yes I’m a big fan of SouthWest

  2. I've seen someone find you in the air many times about four and I really really like seeing them and I play with my dad and I watch him one shot and this is the same one we played and it's called pilot simulator I think it's called

  3. I want you to play to play loug time

  4. Aaaaa as a player who plays PTFS a lot,I cannot stress the amount of wrongs in this:
    First,the landing gear was never lifted up.
    Second,you didn’t attempt to slow down before landing so you were still at max.
    Third,not using the runways and following taxiways.
    Fourth is just flying too low

  5. Boatplanes Kinda Exist! But They Are Known As Sea Planes! Sadly They Are Not In The Game! 🙁

  6. That was PTFS & in PTFS i buyed a VIP sever And the hercules but i cant play ALL FROM THE NEW DUMB LOADING SCREEN
    I hate that update and i now HATE PTFS.

  7. That's not flight sim that's pilot training flight simulator

  8. Dare: do a REAL landing on the runways and use the lines to taxi and takeoff 🛫 also this game is called: pilot training flight simulator aka: ptfs

  9. Can u pls do a another of this game and pilot a british airways and a airbus

  10. oh right I played this
    if you do so

  11. The airline I ride on is Delta and I love this game

  12. pushback is when the plane is parked and a car come to get from the gate to the runway

  13. Btw The bubs its not v bux on roblox is robux fyi
    big fan :3

  14. If u wan to hooptheloop u press z to get advance vote and u get some fun

  15. I was thinking that you have the first 5 barriers

  16. 👍👍👍👍👋👋👋👏👏👏

  17. We have that game! It's now called Pilot Training Flight Simulator.

  18. Does anybody know what this game's called like this games that they are playing right now

  19. The ship you were on is an aircraft carrier


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