FLYING Over The PLANET As FLYING FISH - New I Am Fish Gameplay -

FLYING Over The PLANET As FLYING FISH – New I Am Fish Gameplay

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New I Am Fish gameplay has you flying through the air as a Flying Fish, being a chompy Piranha, or a puffy puffer fish. I Am Fish is probably most realistic flying fish simulator ever made. This is the full release of I Am Fish by Bossa Studios, and we’re swimming our way through the full game!

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Mods used: Azzamods

Download I Am Fish Game:

Intro by SharkFX:
Song: Catiso – Tremor (Epidemic Sound)


  1. Fynn sweet the last one but you said to the beginning you just what is the first bread

  2. Hey fynn why aren't you showing your face?

  3. Hey fynnpire can you make more videos about God simulator? i dunno if i got it right I used to watch those when i was young and it would be appreciated for you to make another video of it!

  4. Hey Fynn did you see my recommendation cuz this is what I said and you’ve done it’s so was it my recommendation that got u to do it just wondering

  5. and fynn if you could get a mod that could make the puffer fish bounce higher that wold be grate. i also live in Australia (:

  6. This is what I think is gonna be in I am fish 2 :
    1. Bubble fish makes a extra bowl if you brake it.
    2 . Hand fish picks up your friend to different places and grabs anything like the Pihrana fish
    3 . Catfish turns into any objects to hide from animal control
    4 . The electric fish zaps nearby electrical locked doors

  7. Question with your intro what’s sitting on a rock with a vr headset is it a koala?

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