Flying Motorbike Simulator 2020 - City Bike Pilot - Android Gameplay -

Flying Motorbike Simulator 2020 – City Bike Pilot – Android Gameplay

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Ride all-new hi-tech flying motorbikes in the all-new exciting motorbike driving simulator game.

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► Race fast bikes through busy city streets or take to the skies like an airplane with quick transformations. Find and pick up taxi fares for the latest in taxi driving experience, help transport passengers in style with the best of flying motorbikes. Play the latest in bike driving and flying simulations with one of the best flying motorbike games on the play store!

Transform super motorbikes into high-tech airplanes with the press of a button. Rev your engine, activate nitro boost and break speed limits to fly high in the sky. Activate airplane mode; see the wings transform out from your bike, perform aerial maneuvers for action-filled flying.

– Ride and fly fast motorbikes to extreme speeds with nitro boosters
– The most unique taxi service, help pick up and drop off busy travelers
– Explore a huge open world, beautiful vistas to see whilst driving through streets or flying.
– Become the world’s best pilot rider of the flying motorbike.

Take your bike and perform amazing stunts, go offroad, or take off to the skies in airplane flight mode.


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  2. Great Video Mate! If anyone is looking to start riding motorbikes in real life, I just uploaded a short video explaining exactly what it'll be like, Check it out!

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