Flying Lotus – Music From the Hit Game Show Ozzy's Dungeon (V/H/S/99) [Full Audio] -

Flying Lotus – Music From the Hit Game Show Ozzy’s Dungeon (V/H/S/99) [Full Audio]

Flying Lotus
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Flying Lotus – Music From the Hit Game Show Ozzy’s Dungeon (V/H/S/99) [Full Audio]

A seven track score to the FlyLo-directed segment ‘Ozzy’s Dungeon’ from ‘V/H/S/99’. Playing now via Shudder.

Opening (1996-1999) – 00:00 – 00:18
Rules Of The Game – 00:18 – 02:00
Host Talk – 02:00 – 03:03
Interview Music / What Do YOU Wish For? – 03:03 – 03:56
Catch That Meat – 03:56 – 04:47
Consolation Prize – 04:47 – 07:01
Battle On! – 07:01 – 08:04

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  1. my friends want me to make beats for them…..I just want to be like flylo

  2. I love this the 2nd one sounds like something from a sonic game

  3. Yo this video just had me crying laughing. I ain't laughed like that in a minute, thank you 🤣💮

  4. Videos & sounds are dingos ! Great ! "Softly" punked… i really like



  6. I've been listening to these while working out lately… Consolation Prize is a good rowing song ngl

  7. This oddly reminds me of legends of the hidden temple.

  8. you went too crazy on that consolation prize joint ! 🔥also am i hearing some thundercat bassline ?

  9. Music of the ages! FlyLo never disappoints. Been a fan since 2013. Thank you, Rockstar and GTAV for extended that olive branch of wonderful music and adding more flavor to my playlists over the years.

  10. Did anybody else only watch it cause flylo was a director.?

  11. I'm not going to lie: the music was epically cool and the movie was frightening because of the disturbing true reality it shows on kids' games that aired on TV. Even when someone does manage to get a hold of the brains behind the show (even if it is literally like in the film) they themselves will never truly get their wishes granted and the mastermind themselves will always get away with the winnings not a single person ever wins in gameplay…

  12. Will have to listen when I’m driving through the big D at night & the city of stars Los Angeles California!

  13. Flylo has always been on a different server to all other artists. Many great years and hopefully many more 👍🏼

  14. Flying Lotus Can You Ad Your Album Ideas+Drafts+Loops On Spotify Please

  15. Flying Lotus Can You Also Add These Songs On Spotify To Early Mountain, Early Mountain – GTA V Radio Edit, Crosswerved, Crosswerved – GTA V Radio Edit, Crosswerved / Be Spin, Be Spin, The Diddler – GTA V Radio Edit, Computer Face RMX, Catapult Man, Evil Grin, Evil Grin – GTA V Radio Edit, Medication Meditation, Masquatch, Masquatch – GTA V Radio Edit. Please

  16. Always will be a fan since 2008 until I die unless they let you bump flylo in the afterlife in which case I'm an eternal fan

  17. love the last part of "what do you wish for" has that 90s dance vibes!!!

  18. if only on Bandcamp. please put this on Bandcamp

  19. Consolation Prize gives me some Do The Astral Plane vibes

  20. Man, not only a great musician, a great director! Loved your segment in 99 and Kuso, can't wait to see what you got in store in Ash!

  21. Ey eso es mi musica de mel tambien como estas lotus soy jose orellana

  22. OpenAI's ChatBot mentioned this produced as its inspiration if it could create music. It is pretty cool that your tunes are liked not only by humans but by digital entities too.

  23. It sound like something out of a sonic game

  24. Welcome to ozzy dungeon were boys and girls battle toe to toe between the daredevil challenge.

  25. ♡༒︎Kai Keeps It Cheesy༒︎♡ says:

    Hey bro, a friend recommended this to me, could not be happier.

  26. I just came for Angel Gibbs 💜💜

  27. Didnt even register that flyinglotus was doing the soundtrack for this, wild

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