Flying Into My House in Flight Simulator 2020 -

Flying Into My House in Flight Simulator 2020

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  1. what!!!!! the most subscribed channel after T-Series flying in FS2020 with keyboard and mouse!!! should have a joystick…at least a cheap one… even if you can't afford it…call mr. beast. i am sure he won't mind doing a charity….Next time use a joystick…lol…no offense thou @PewDiePie

  2. 14:02 he's at 13000 ft and still has full flaps out

    edit: and spoilers

  3. I fly for a living. It's absolutely hilarious seeing Pewds fly 😂

  4. bro the intro gonna give me flashbacks to when i watched cocomelon

  5. Stall means:You are going to slow Right in screen/pilot seat:10,000 Feet

  6. stall ,means you are going to go down like a rock and overspeed can rip ur plane apart i am a kid and i have flown a boeing 777

  7. t turn around or go fast in mfs 2020 use sloo mode

  8. 23:05 pewds whats wrong with denmark i Come from there… NO CRINGE BRO

  9. Don’t trust PewDiePie airlines, I heard they always crash into houses and forget to do the flaps

  10. 2:00 "that's normal"
    I almost stopped breathing, I laughed so hard.

  11. Does pewds have a jar of spoons on his desk? It sounds like he has a jar of spoons on his desk

  12. Imagine pew become a pilot and you sit on the plane then hear this 5:05

  13. "Its dark in tokyo guys, its dark!" PewDiePie 2021

  14. First it was jack flying into his apartment now it is pewds flying into his house

  15. he copied jack but i guess its okay because they're friends

  16. Åk till mitt hem och det är : alnö Rotbacken 8

  17. Even the sponsered part is is interesting and good that we always skip the sponsoring part but pewds sponsering is enjoying and why the heck os his game is lagging?

  18. 5:34 fun fact:you found this comment when you switched to timed comments am i right?

  19. i think you must wacht tutorial from swiss001

  20. 07:01 when he said to the tower " I want to actually crash into it" it made me think of 9/11 like it literally made me think of 9/11

  21. legit the funniest video ive seen in a while

  22. man say were flying a 77 when its a boeing 747 xd

  23. I have been on a plane before and I do not really remember being upside downn.

  24. I have a challenge for you in a video you just have to speak Swedish the hole video

  25. The intro never old

  26. Can you even play lords mobile in water?????? i mean he says any where so..

  27. Felix pretend to be a pilot in flight simulator, it's so funny 😂😂😂

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