FLYING In Roblox's OLDEST Game | JeromeASF Roblox -

FLYING In Roblox’s OLDEST Game | JeromeASF Roblox

JeromeASF – Roblox
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Today we play Roblox doomspire

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  1. Can you link the games you play in the desc so we know we are playing a clone

  2. You should play tower heros. It is like tower defense simulator

  3. You know vale wants the map galaxy but he is my galaxy.

  4. Day 4 of asking Jerome to play Dragon Adventures in Roblox

  5. My SISTER played with Jerome. I'm SOOOO jelly.

  6. Jerome is the least competitive person I've ever seen lol complains about a good strat doesn't even use it

  7. Jerome you can buy new weapons in the shop please it give the game so much more depth

  8. I see vid I start up my clicking simulator

  9. Jerome in vids : drinks coffee
    Also Jerome: well this is the 20th cup of coffe I’ve had today

  10. Jerome, if u want to play skyblock again, respond to this comment and i’ll give all of u like 10k or something

  11. Jerome should play power simulator, it is quit fun. It is a game where you train your agility (jumping), swiftness (walking), punching power (punching ability), endurance (push-up thing ability ), and physic power (meditating ability ), to unlock new powers for killing other players or do some quests from the main quest guy, Pyro, or find some secret quest givers for secret powers and find new places that give multipliers for certain powers.

    Please like so Jerome can see!

  12. HA ive used many of times in many of battles though why have they never found this out

  13. Jerome play some anime games like Anime Fighting Simulator


  15. U should play pet simulator 1 someday, its a old game but a good one

  16. Why don’t you upgrade your stuff with the crowns you have? Are you a noob???

  17. I think you you should play for the next Roblox game should be elemental battleground and ps: vale/ captain blast’em would like the elemental explosions

  18. He played against I go Rek My Pek. I find tha hilarious

  19. I love how the first rocket he shot was at his own team

  20. you kill people at other bases even if they aren't from that base our on your team because its kind of like cross teaming and a unspoken rule
    edit: that most people know and follow.

  21. Jerome if someone shoots a rocket at you you can deflect it back with a sword

  22. Wish jrome buys new stuff with his coins like the comment so the next plays he will buys new stuff

  23. The game your playing in this video isent the oldest game, i have been playing roblox for almost 10 years and the oldest games i ever seen is called Outbreak Survival [2.9.520]

  24. Lava and classic are the best maps because the towers cant be knocked down and still be on its platform because there is no platform

  25. I played this 5 years ago as a guest when I was 7 cause I didn’t know how to make a account

  26. How long will it take for him to realize that there’s items?

  27. When dropsy dies steve says "see you later".

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