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So i legit just talked about how I didn’t like this game mode.. and well. Here we are giving it another chance.
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  1. Kenny i didnt like skyfall but then you started playing it so then i liked it

  2. dont play skyfall simpaiii
    play the skywars i to watch skywars😍😍😍😘

  3. " i only have a stone sword " walks past crafting table with two diamonds and a stick

  4. Kenny- I mean he had decent gear, no chest plate. Ken Ken. Bud I am sorry but stop

  5. i like this, but i like it better in 1.9 pvp

  6. lol Kenny u can't get a chest plate with an elytra… 😁

  7. Sky fall should have a insane version and a normal version just like the hypixle sky wars

  8. I was playing skyfall and got a screen i.e. With Kenny yesterday

  9. haha "I dont know what the plan is but I am screwed"

  10. Hey Kenny,
    I saw you today in lobby 1 1.8 eggwars but you left so fast That I dident get a chance to tell you my message "TBNRKenWorth I love you u are MY BABBY!!!". I love you and keep up the good work and accept my friend request on CubeCraft please /f add SpinZepz <3.
    Keep up the good work 😉

  11. Mushrooms stew has regen and you can't have a chest plate because of your wings

  12. I don't think you can get a chestplate in this game mode because you have the elytra

  13. You can't get a chestplate because you have the elytra on

  14. Kenny you were taking about that guy not having a chest plate? Tf you have an Eelitra on bro!

  15. Kenny. Plz start putting the texture pack in the description please. Lots of people are asking for it

  16. This guy has chain gear and no chestplate. Kenny it might be cause hes wearing an elytra XD

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