Flying In Circles! (When Idiots Play Games #17) -

Flying In Circles! (When Idiots Play Games #17)

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  1. 10 LIKES from me minus 9 dislikes from me too

    LOL , just joking , Nice video

  2. 2:25

  3. Wait a minute… I recognize that name Turbyo. AR12 anyone?

  4. I remember in Transformers War for Cybertron, my team was walking through the place in the multiplayer. There was this guy on the other team all by himself, he got axed and he fly into the air.

  5. First one was a failed "bandit trick" btw..

  6. bizim türk bayrağımıza kim dokunur lan

  7. ооооо русский

  8. What was the game called with the robots fighting?

  9. Why would you put ur face in the barrel!! XD

  10. Love your funny moments, laugh every time haha.

  11. More like when idiots make a YouTube channel!!!! Ohhhh jk love your vids man keep up the good work

  12. 3:24 guardian down? more like prepare for bad joke* guardian UP! haha laugh please

  13. i ended up looking forward to the ending. those npc XD

  14. Visiten el canal the líon gaming 587 está súper cómico

  15. what is the name of the game in the first clip?

  16. Does anybody laugh so hard they cry at some of these fails?

  17. Holy shit I think I enjoy this too much, it’s so damn funny! 😂🤣

  18. @ 3:15,what game is that? Isnt that halo an if so which one..if anyone can tell me accurately,I would greatly appreciate it.

  19. where does the "by have a beautiful time" sample come from???

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