Flying Hybirds!! || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 71 HD -

Flying Hybirds!! || Jurassic World – The Game – Ep 71 HD

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Lets make some more hybrids at the cost of our very limited DNA but hey, it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy right?

Jurassic World Group :

Battle Chart and Statistics

* Rules of competition
You need to leave a comment phrased as ‘My hybrid would be……’
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So what is there to say about it? Well it appears to be very similar to jurassic park builder but has better graphics and better mechanics, things have been tweaked for better game play and it seems like Ludia has spent a lot of time evaluating what it takes to make a good App Game.


  1. It is a real terrasaur it was in a walking with dinosaurs episode and it died at the end If I remember correctly

  2. Gaming bever y have ay level 2 t.rex at level 10 how do y mack them a level 20 t.rex

  3. Why don't you level up that flying hybrid quickly as possible?

  4. I find it funny that you moaned at it 400+ episodes later (4 years) you’re still playing

  5. Im not going to try to be mean but if your talking crap about the game so you why so why do you play it then

  6. I'm your bbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssttttttttttttt fffffaaaaaannnnnnnn

  7. All the hybrids at level one are all gray basicly apart from the indonomis

  8. basically wouldnt he have won on everyone if he used a 8 on all of tem in a row for attack? cuz his other vids he did it and always won!

  9. 30:51 you have 0.1% for your Dino to have 1 health lol that happens to me one time (no survival mod)

  10. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO DEAFET IDONIMIUS REX kollade I got ur back

  11. Beaver: these people aren’t real😒

    That possibly real person watching this video:….👁💧👄💧👁

  12. Don’t forget me when you have 3.02 millions subs

  13. És um grande mentiro o zhejiangopterus não gasta a alimentalo com 9.415 de alimento gasta 100.000 e tal de alimento quem segue este mentiroso não o siga ele é um mentiroso

  14. He called the Pteraquetzal 5 years in advance lol.

  15. Remember how weird the argentinasuarus looked

  16. 16:50 yes they are real people there is a square under their dinos. And the dinos are even because it looks for a team that isn’t too strong or too weak to fight you

  17. Beaverrrrr that battle with triple trikes if on your last play you would have attacked with 4 you would have killed him

  18. I am so 💥 bursting out my shell laugh thing

    James-oh mew hybrid
    Everyone- that smack face meme
    James- I got you hyped
    Everyone- no you did not

    James- a carnoraptor that’s terrible
    Future and everyone- you love carnoraptor you put it in your top 10

  19. The Koolasaurus should be called koolasuchus because in “koolasaurus” i cant hear anything about sarcosuchus

  20. I once got a ragasteaga from the spin, it's a legendary hybrid almost as good as I rex

  21. the old argentinosaurus looks so different on the market

  22. Please get ludia to bring back Jurassic Park builder back and please make more ark videos

  23. ImaYaeMainwboutrollindowninthedeepwhenyourbraingos says:

    quiz time:
    who is the best flying hybrid

  24. So I just made this hybrid while watching this and I found out that they nerfed it. Now at level one it has 380 health and 150 attack. Why did they nerf it?

  25. Did anyone knowist that instead of saying flying hybrids it was flying hybirds

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