Flying #Horse Extreme Ride By BigOTech - Entertainment Games Simulation-itunes/Android -

Flying #Horse Extreme Ride By BigOTech – Entertainment Games Simulation-itunes/Android

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Played by 12 year old Joseph
Horses are friends of man from ancient time. This time bigotech brought you the opportunity to fly horse which is one of the top game of horses. This flying horse needs to fly under your command. All you have to do is to perform different stunts to chase and complete different challenging levels. You will have to pass out these small yet challenging test to prove yourself the horse rider.
Start flying in the sky and enjoy the realistic environment from mountains. Find your partner which is a great challenge for you then bring it to home by pressing the attraction button shown on your screen, soar through the sky and test your horse riding skills to go through a specific number of obstacles. This Real horse will fly in the beautiful mountain environment in this endless flying game. This flying horse will used to transfer people from one place to another and trained your child horse for flying. Beautiful graphics, epic music and addicting game play in a fantasy world will give you hours of fun adventures with the flying horse.

Features of this game
Fun with the real feel of horse flying Exciting but challenging gamePlay
Smooth Controls
Endless flying game

If you like riding horses or ever wished to fly one, you will definitely like this horse flying crazy ride. You can play for hours to explore this amazing 3D Environment. It’s the real horse flight games where you can touch sky and can land on the hill or mountains to get some rest.

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