Flying Hero : Game & Watch Fire on Famicom? - FamiCorner Ep 19 | Game Dave -

Flying Hero : Game & Watch Fire on Famicom? – FamiCorner Ep 19 | Game Dave

Game Dave
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Combine Arkanoid and Game & Watch Fire, and you’ll get Flying Hero! Firefighting, Trampolining, Famicom Action!

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  2. I recognize this from all those 16-bit bootleg home systems.

  3. That might be the new greatest ending scroll for a NES/Famicom game ever. Truly amazing.

  4. Like the new content. Keep up the hard work. Thanks for everything.

  5. French Toast? Don't forget the Pork Roll and Eggs!

  6. It’s actually Frankenstein’s Monster ya goofy lad. And he’s the one who started all the fires, I bet……he’s a rascal.

  7. Love these Famicorner videos. I just go back from Akihabara in Tokyo. I exploded. You must go if you haven's been GameDave.

  8. I remember playing this game in a 4-in-1 Famiclone cartridge. About Megumi Rescue though, which this game spawned from, that game was intended to be an arcade game that was not released, although that one was developed by EXA Planning rather than Aicom itself (Aicom made the Master System port). This game was supposed to be released outside of Japan for the NES by ASCII Entertainment as Blazebusters, but was never released as well.

  9. Please encouragement you for another sweet vid! 😀 Love it when these pop up in my subscriptions!

  10. That's not a bad combination I like it

  11. The firefighter looks like Master Chief.

  12. Such a good Dave. You would be proud to know that i recently added Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu to my game library.

  13. That was some great engrish at the end there man.

  14. This shit is whack bro. As in the outdated whack.

  15. Looks you enjoi the game that where reviewed with a greet end screan

  16. You’re becoming one of my favorite YouTubers! Love your work and podcast

  17. Was going to first say something about how odd the title is because it can be confused with F#@%ING Hero, but imediatedly saw the end screen and all came clear

    If…english isnt your "forte" to say the least please for the love of god just say "The Brave Fireman saved the people from the flames of dissaster, see ya next game!" because "Enjoi" and how things are "said" in that ending its just….no, no thanks.

    It kinda reminds me more to Megaball from the Amiga, where you have different power ups and some quite unique for a Arkanoid clone such as Fireball, Slice through blocks, the magnet field one and the multi ball one that got you 8 balls at once, that last one saved me quite alot from lots of deaths, but i know understand where that minigame from one of the Wario Ware games come from.

    But being honest here, if they just kept the "Arkanoid" parts like some kinda way to get into the building and just developed more the sidescrolling shooting parts where you are inside the building as the main focus then it could had been a rather unique take on different genres acting as some sort of pre-simulation kinda game, which i dont really know how fire could work out in the vaccum of space since there is no oxigen to ignite the fire to begin with, but its a game about a guy that bounces in a trampoline hitting windows to put out fires, so i will give it the benefit of the doubt at least XDD

  18. Does this game work with the Arkanoid Vaus controller?

  19. Excellent job on the new video. Loved the music in the background.

  20. As a Famaicom game collector, I enjoi this FamiCorner series so much. GameDave always produce a wacky and edutaining content with his signature witty storytelling style. Way to go!!!

  21. I found it funny how you just skim over the fact the record company is owned by Sony XD

  22. GameDave, me love your FamiCorner videos long time. Many Thanks! How about some Konami games too like Parodius..?

  23. If you liked Cocoron you should also try Wai Wai World 2 which is another amazing game which you can wear different forms!

  24. epic records did a great job making video game.

  25. Just went thigh a pretty rough break up, these videos make me smile and keep me happy thank you so much dave 😌

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