Flying Hamster II - Kickstarter Trailer -

Flying Hamster II – Kickstarter Trailer

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Flying Hamster II is now on Kickstarter:

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  1. Holy cow i loved the old flying hamster games, what ever happened to this game?

  2. When a game tries so hard to be like a game in another series that it ends up becoming a game in that series.

  3. I thought this would be just the first trailer again, wasn't expecting there to be more footage, a pleasant surprise!

  4. So this is basically Wonderhamster in Monster World? SOLD! I'm gonna promote the hell out of this.

  5. lold at the Altered Beast Transformation Screen. 😉

  6. Already posted the KS to Reddit!  Also backed the F- out of it. Good luck!!

  7. Fa una fila increïble! Quins gràfics i quina BSO més bona! A més m'encanta la jugabilitat del Wonderboy 😀

  8. + Michiru Yamane in charge of the music, u got my money there sir

  9. WOW a Wonderboy Clone with Music from Michiru Yamane (Castlevania)

  10. This is sooooooooo pretty, wow. Can someone tell me WHY the kickstarter isn't funded yet?

    Dear god, Destructoid, Kotaku and the others sites MUST spread the word so people can see it! 

  11. Looks pretty gud
    Only problem is that Newton looks kind of floaty and slow :/

  12. This looks to be a rather fantastic game, and get my moral support, at least.

  13. Please for the love of sniff bring this to XBLA please…Instabuy if you do. 

  14. What game engine did you use? I love the smooth animations, they remind me of Ragnarok Battle Offline

  15. Was this Cancelled and remade with the sprites for Wonderboy the cursed Kingdom?

  16. the original frying hamster needs more ports for 3ds switch and other consoles

  17. So I guess this game ended up being re-developed into 'Monster boy and the cursed kingdom'

  18. Man, I would love to play this version of the game still, but the Monster Boy it became is just so fantastic it makes it OK that I don’t get to. (plus Monster Boy doesn’t have to ignore hamsters being able to climb anything and fit into small spaces)
    I’m really really really hoping for a Monster Boy sequel ❤️

  19. Was this sequel ever made? I played the hell outta original.

  20. It’s interesting to watch this now and see how many of these original concepts stayed on in Monster Boy.

  21. What an incredible journey from this first video to the final product. So proud of you ❤️

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