Flying Frog Games - GAMA 2015 -

Flying Frog Games – GAMA 2015

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower talks to Flying Frog Games during the GAMA Trade Show to find out what’s in store for 2015!

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  1. I actually liked gluing them together … but the wait time is what has me a little pissed … a year is along time to wait … hope my group doesn't lose interest !!

  2. Still nothing for Invasion From Another Planet…


  3. I wonder how akward this preview was between flying frog/dice tower knowing that the dice tower is very vocal with the production quality of the games. Tom has yet to do a review of Shadows of Brimstone because of the required assembly.

  4. I've watched several and I have to say Zee does a very good job with these interviews.

  5. Whoa.. 50 bucks, 30 bucks… People in the kickstarter really saved LOTS OF MONEY. This is gonna hurt completionists' wallets for years to come.

  6. Will we have to cutout, assemble, and glue the minis for these expansions too?

  7. SoB is my weekend groups go to game, after our RPG session it gives us GMs a break & get to be players. Looking forward to all these expansions!!

  8. I'm a HUGE Flying Frog fan, and I have to say I'm very disappointed to that (despite the lip service at the end) it looks like nothing but Brimstone for the foreseeable future.  A big part of their appeal for me has been how they keep all of their games pretty active.

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