FLYING FISH Can Fly Over The WHOLE MAP With Mods! - New I Am Fish Gameplay -

FLYING FISH Can Fly Over The WHOLE MAP With Mods! – New I Am Fish Gameplay

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New I Am Fish gameplay has you flying through the air as a Flying Fish, being a chompy Piranha, or a puffy puffer fish. I Am Fish is probably most realistic flying fish simulator ever made. This is the full release of I Am Fish by Bossa Studios, and we’re swimming our way through the full game!

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Mods used: Azzamods

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Intro by SharkFX:
Song: Catiso – Tremor (Epidemic Sound)



  2. Awesome mods FP. Seems like you could use those to get more of the backstory, also check out all the artwork and how detailed it really is. Yeah I would agree it would be awesome to see a piece of bread floating in that fishbowl, although I wonder how you feed a bread fish? 👌✌️

  3. Use a mod that makes the NPC fish that looks like a gold fish the mod will let u play it

  4. I can say “i am bread” in Spanish “yo soy pan”

  5. I agree with fynnpire with mods are great

  6. a mod i want to see is make your own fish for i am fish

  7. but i don't know if it is a mod thooooooooooo

  8. My favorite fish is the piranha because he has sharp teeth

  9. He broke the glass but but it's still there

  10. I think i like the flying fish and i hope his flying skills doesn’t make it glide but he is gliding slowly

  11. This is why I hate fnf becuse of pixel boyfriend

  12. I wanna add a girlfriend mod to my life.

  13. A mod were you can combine all the fish power

  14. You look like a airplane in the flying fish

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