FLYING FISH Can Fly Over The WHOLE MAP With Mods! - New I Am Fish Gameplay -

FLYING FISH Can Fly Over The WHOLE MAP With Mods! – New I Am Fish Gameplay

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New I Am Fish gameplay has you flying through the air as a Flying Fish, being a chompy Piranha, or a puffy puffer fish. I Am Fish is probably most realistic flying fish simulator ever made. This is the full release of I Am Fish by Bossa Studios, and we’re swimming our way through the full game!

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Mods used: Azzamods

Download I Am Fish Game:

Intro by SharkFX:
Song: Catiso – Tremor (Epidemic Sound)



  2. when they add a mod for i am bread put a mod that makes you invinseble

  3. Where is little champ from his place through on The eagle game I don't know what it's called: (

  4. Hey would you add a mod about IM fish you actually have mod about your unsensible

  5. No modern the five-night function that you can switch over 259 pumpkin

  6. He couldn’t break his bowl if he didn’t have one

  7. Not only the flying fish can fly.thats what i want for next mod

  8. When I noticed that you are levitating I instantly said "new name I AM A LEVITING FISH"

  9. Have you not seen the end of I Am Bread. 🤦‍♂️

  10. I would like a pink fish as a mod and not just a fish a pink flying fish

  11. I am not sure how to play this game but I think I will win anything else that is easy and FP please play Poppy Playtime and do not be mean too huggy wuggy and huggy wuggy is big okay and I am fish that game is still very fun too Play and FP please play with your friends☺☺

  12. This is my first time watching you and i subscribed

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