FLYING FART RUG - Baron Munchausen - Games Night -

FLYING FART RUG – Baron Munchausen – Games Night

YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon
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In Games Night we play The Extraordinary Adventures Of Baron Munchausen, an improv game where you play a gentleman telling your convoluted tale of adventure to your other gentleman friends. Games Night Playlist: Featuring Sjin Sips Trott

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  1. sjins response should have been asking why they wrestled in school together when SIps lived in Canada and he lived in Australia.

  2. True story: Captain James Cook is my friends great great great great great great… etc grandfather!

  3. Best series! I laughed my ass off so hard that my brother got so pissed he started swearing and I was still laughing in that moment. When he realized, he knew that there wasnt any hope left for me…
    Do more!

  4. Sips has been replaced by someone strange with hair! Where's sips?!

  5. I liked Sips' story best. He's always been the best at rambling utter bollocks 😀

  6. You know you've made it in life when you have your own monogrammed shirts.

  7. What? Sips had the best story and Lewis had the worst.

  8. The UK: where the story about toilet humor trumps all others.
    Pun intended.

  9. fucking sips is killing me, just the face he is making is so funny


  11. Bit of a shame they had a falling out with GameChap. He'd be amazing at this! 😀

  12. Sjin's Aussie accent is perfect.

  13. the fact that sips isnt bald is scaring me ahaha

  14. Isn't Münchhausen's a mental illness where you see doctors and get treated for self-inflicted illnesses in order to get their attention?

  15. james cook 🙂 ayyyyyyy he was local to my area

  16. HA I was thinking it would be funny if someone said Dave among the other dancy names

  17. Sips really looks like Mike Myers at the beginning of this

  18. I guess you could say the flying fart carpet… Never caught wind…

  19. Who thought that sips was bald since yogpod episode 2 sipsgate

  20. 0:39 "Alright, I'm Dave" At this moment, I knew that I was in for quite a ride.

  21. What wonderful stories from this league of extraordinarily inbred gentlemen.

  22. Trotts comment on Australia is really racist

  23. Just saying they knew the world was round in the 1830's!!!!!!!!

  24. A submersible dirigible is a submersible Blimp/ Airship (not exactly a blimp they are rigid)

  25. They all have to be wondering if sips is ever gunna shut up about the wrestling team

  26. Sips is usually hilarious, but in this, the constant wrestling team interjection were just really annoying for me… like, I know Sips is a troll and all that, but it just felt like he was ruining the others' stories, and didn't even bother to come up with anything new each time, and even when Lewis tried to give him the coin and continue with his story, he just insisted on his wresting team bs. A lot of people will propably disagree with me, but I got really annoyed and frustrated every single time he started doing that… then the others caught onto the wrestling thing and it got even worse. Still enjoyed the video, and I might just be in an irritable mood, but still.

  27. Sjin: Im Dave
    Lewis: Do you have any nobility sir?
    Sjin: i once wrestled a shark with one hand behind my back

  28. So Trott ripped both of Sips' arms off in a wrestling match…and still managed to lose. That's impressive.

  29. I hope they eventually play this again lol

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