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Flying Bus Driving Simulators!!!Bus Games | Android games | K R I S H

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Published on June 29,2021

Driving buses were fun, try flying bus simulator 2019, and get to places faster

Travelling in the city, driving your old fashioned bus, same daily routine, picking and dropping passengers, how boring!

Not anymore, try this extreme flying bus driving simulator game, and get to places quicker, faster and even cheaper at times. So change your bus to flying mode, just like in all flying games or flying car games, and keep traveling the distances a lot faster than you can think of.

so in this flying bus simulator games 2019, get in the flying mode, leave all the traffic behind, and make sure to watch all those commuters stuck in traffic and you flying up in the sky through the sky scrapers, finding your way to the destination and be the best futuristic flying bus driver games 2019 pro. In 3D flying city bus driver sim game, you are responsible to take all the passengers safely to their home, so all the precautionary measures should be taken seriously, don’t over speed or do the tricky flips with all the passenger on board and be an ultimate futuristic coach simulator 2019 game free- top pro, to keep everyone safe in real coach driving simulator games 2019.

Get into the school duty mode of this game, pick up kids from off road suburban area, in flying school bus drive 2019, or from the city beach resorts in your 3D flying city bus driver sim probably in one of the best flying games of the store. adjust your throttle speed while you are in the city, and you are suppose to make the moves in between those high rise buildings, with all the school bus kids on board, so don’t get over excited and be more responsible in school bus driving simulator game 2019, quite different from all the flying car simulator games.


– Three different exciting modes (Free mode, school mode and passenger mode)
– Perform stunts in open world driving city
– pick up kids from school and fly over them city
– best driving and flying controls
– three different types of buses available for each mode
– fly as high as you can
– reach destination on time
– roam around freely in free mode
– turn off flying in the sky and make your bus smash on the terrain for fun
– pick dangerous checkpoints in city buildings


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