FLYING AN X-WING! - Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay -

FLYING AN X-WING! – Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay

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  1. The cool kids fly A Wings because they take skill. They are fast and agile, but cannot heal themselves, but pack a powerful punch…

  2. TmarTn, when you opened up that Assault Crate did you mean you got like gesture or something. Did you mean you got that for a Clone Trooper instead of a Stormtrooper?

  3. Dammit Trev use the left stick to roll.

  4. Trevor needs to use the abilities more

  5. Make this a staple series when the game fully comes out

  6. Trev dont forget to play the strike game mode

  7. Trevor; you can use the "R2D2" button to repair your x-wing, y-wing, etc, in combat.

  8. Hey, TmarTn, playing Ace Combat Infinity on the PS3. Test your skills as a more realistic fighter pilot. And you can do your videos like your Forza videos

  9. You know you could go first person in the ship

  10. I like that he says "my team arent that good" when he doesnt play the objective and goes for kills

  11. trev that was a clone at the beginning 👀

  12. do the with the hero's and the ships you can be by using points on the same game on the one with the boots on the ground

  13. Tmartn2 please make a video of FiveM in pc and APB reloaded in ps4 it's free

  14. 0:49 "MVP select stormtrooper"
    me: triggered, it's a clone trooper

  15. Really I won a starfighter assault match on the Rebel side. And I don't think it's one sided.

  16. If I hear someone call a Clone a Stormtrooper one more time I'm going to die

  17. This guy is an idiot he NEVER spawns as a hero and he doesn't use all his abilities which is why he dies so much

  18. I noticed you didn't spawn in your teams hanger or hop in a ship and take off from said hanger. Dose this mean you can't land in the enemy's hanger and shoot up the place?

  19. It actually wasn't plain when I played it it was good but I got bored after

  20. Trev that’s a clone trooper not a storm trooper

  21. Do you think that I should buy the game now or after two years?

  22. u are prety good for your first time, only thing that i have (pet peeve, sorry) aginst your gameplay is the fact that you use a fighter as a bomber but u still win, so ok then

  23. Decent flying, but next time your low on HP, use your droid to patch you up!

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