Flying Aircraft Carrier with Escape Boat & VTOL! - Stormworks Gameplay -

Flying Aircraft Carrier with Escape Boat & VTOL! – Stormworks Gameplay

Camodo Gaming
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Today Camodo Gaming checks out a awesome flying aircraft carrier with escape pods and boats in Stormworks! Stormworks is a Coast Guard Build and Rescue Game.

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  1. Why didn’t u press the GOD DAMN DO NOT PRESS BUTTON I’m disappointed

  2. "HaY kOmODo GAEming aI laIK Ur viDs So MutCH aI subCrIdEs and aI aI DhuMS uP!!!!!!!111"

  3. Hey camodo the boat you made is a million time better then anything I could ever build in stormworks

  4. Doesn’t see a door when he sits in the polit seat there is a big read button

  5. if you tell spy to not put on password of his server then i can help you ghys make videos im your very very very very big fan

  6. and if you want to record a video righht now with me then go to stormworks and my server will be calld my save

    today ok

  7. and were ganna be in the crative base ok it will be on internet i think

  8. rip emergency aircraft lololololololololololololololol

  9. CAMODO PLEASE TELL ME how to download stormworks i tried everything and also u r my favorite youtuber

  10. You should've pressed the please don't press button…

  11. My computer would never run this, its a little MacBook Air, speaking of which what computer do you use Comodo?

  12. It Annoys me when you don’t press any of the don’t press buttons!!!

  13. *impatiently waits for console release*

  14. Why do you never try the escape pods when a creation has escape pods?

  15. I wish you would actually go to the artic lol

  16. You didn’t press any of the do not press buttons…. 🙁

  17. the door opens when you stop the ship i think

  18. oh so you can open it and from there but i swear i think it opens when you stop the ship

  19. I RAN IT, in the process I had to redownload steam after exiting the game, not sure why

  20. At least he did better than me on his first atempt

  21. I dont understand how camodo gets 300k+ views on each vid but only gets like 300 comments

  22. Camodo has a major perception issue. He misses obvious big red buttons all the time…

  23. i have watched alot of the videos and every intro is this is the most amazing thing ever lmao its all so new to you and amazing

  24. i have a quick question, in my stormworks game there is no crane above the spawning strip for the creative base i am wondering if that is just a mod that you have spawned in?

  25. I know no ones gonna read this but GIVE US A SETUP TOUR CAMODO Feb 2021

  26. More more more mmmmoooooorrrrrreeee

  27. Camodo: Can you imagine if there was weapons?

    Game devs: INTRESTING

  28. When camodo says im gonna fly this flying boat nicely when camodo lift the boat it goes terrebilly wrong

  29. it is broken now to let everyone know

  30. Camodo can i ask you whats your version of stormworks and where you buy or install the game and how many graphics do you hp
    Or video card and speed of computer

  31. Comodo can you do subnautica if you do I well like 👍and subscribe 😉

  32. Comodo love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. This reminds of call of duty infinite warfare were they use big battleships in space and #stanevil

  34. If you were a pilot I would be like ok who’s flying this plane………….camodo…… can I get a different pilot…please

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