FLYING A $1.2 MILLION JET PLANE in ROBLOX! (Vehicle Legends Update) -

FLYING A $1.2 MILLION JET PLANE in ROBLOX! (Vehicle Legends Update)

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  1. Matrix: im DRIVING this plane
    Plane:im a freakin PLANE

  2. i have the private jet and the poide super and dide't use real money i earned them

  3. the plane looks like a cessna citation x, irl it is pretty fast, like the fastest jet

  4. There a heli pad at the top of the costumes shop u spawn the plan there and you can upgrade

  5. Matrix i love your videos i also think you should do one race other planes

  6. Matrix bro I am a huge huge huge huge fan of you please please shoutout to me my username is alskpsownn shout to me by this name ok and but it’s hard to throttle up and down and I love your vids

  7. I only bought it today and it's my best vehicle I has no regrets

  8. Give me account with plane bigger pls in the game pls

  9. When I bought the private jet and vehicle Legends I thought I could look it up and I found it on YouTube

  10. There is a new air race in vehicle Legends wait no it's pretty old

  11. I played on my mom's tablet and got 1.25m and then I bought the private jet and I saw it would be slow but it's fast so it's hard to do the air race

  12. Pls can u do more vehicle legends video maby get the BUGTTI and test it

  13. is there a cockpit for the ceasna and if so please tell me if it has live interments in it

  14. Its me 1year later the jet got remodelled

  15. There is a glitch when you are full speed you cant put the speed down so normally u could but soon they should fix the bug.

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