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Flight Unlimited gameplay (PC Game, 1995)

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Introduction and gameplay for Flight Unlimited, Dos PC game produced by Looking Glass Technologies in 1995 –
Taking a tour and flying around in this acrobatic flight simulator.
Played through Dosbox emulation platform.
Recorded with original sound.

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  1. I remember I was playing demo of this with "Windows 95 Space Station Demo Disc" Odyssey space station? or whatever it was called 😅😁

  2. Man this game was photorealistic back when I played it

  3. It was absolutely photorealistic back then…

  4. Такие смешные звуки, когда в игровом автомате дерутся ниндзя😂😂😂

  5. Why does the glider sound like it has an engine?

  6. I was convinced that the graphics in this game were life like at the time. Very impressive tech for '95, none the less.

  7. geil geil geil ❤❤❤ Erinnerungen 😢

  8. I can't decide if this looks very good or very bad lol.

  9. where is the unique cockpit mode? missing it in the video.. this game had so much potential to become a future Flight sim..

  10. brings back memories..had the demo…..as a kid I thought it looked awesome at the time….you only realise how much it has aged

  11. The ninetie-ness radiating from this game automatically reverted my windows back to the 95 version.

  12. Played this as a 6 year old dreaming about being a pilot, and now it's my job…kinda cool to revisit how it all started. Thanks for sharing

  13. For some reason I thought this game was called simply "Fly!", my memory playing tricks. No way this would run well on my pentium 133. Impressive stuff for the time, it was heavily promoted in magazines. "Flying Corps" did run well on my p133 however, another great game.

  14. Childhood memories galore…. i loved this game. Just flying around for hours and crashing the planes into the ground…. so much fun

  15. I remember convincing myself that the wobbly take offs were realistic. Lol. Loved this sim because it had rain fx and traffic. Plus better flight model even though the takeoff rolls were ridiculously unstable.

  16. I remember getting this when it came out. It was incredibly excited for it, I was a huge flight sim buff. This sim just blew me away with its graphics in 1995. In the summer of 1995 I upgraded from a 66Mhz DX2 486 to a Pentium 133 and this game was just amazing on that machine.

  17. Remember how good the landscapes looked in this game. It was a great feel to just look outside the cockpit. They were ahead of Microsoft at the time.

  18. very good looking old game. I have yet the game PC box with manual : very nice box.

  19. Not even FSX has a ground school with an arcade machine.

  20. We had Mike Goulian come to our museum to demo this and it was insane. Then we worked with Looking Glass to demo the Sim and sell copies at the World Aerobatic Championships in El Reno, OK. Great memories. Still my all time favorite Sim. We even taught a summer camp for teenagers using this the week of the Aerospace America air show and the kids learned to fly aerobatics in the Sim, and later that week showed off their skills to Sean Tucker and met Patty Wagstaff. Great times!

  21. When I was a kid I could not believe how amazing theese graphis where. Now 20m pixels no more impress me XD. Cool vibes tho

  22. The random sound effects in the menu lol, games used to be so much more interesting.

  23. This was my first flight sim experience. Had no idea what I was doing as a 2nd grader ( or however old I was ). Took me a while, but I finally became a real pilot. Good times.

  24. I loved this game so much, and after it coud'nt find other simulator that did the flight physics so well as it is on it. Never flee the new FS do, gonna try it soon with my Virpil Alpha Prime that will get here soon.

  25. I had a VR Headset back then, and this was one of the games that was compatible with it. The experience was truly amazing for the time.

  26. That 3d menu concept was even better than the most pseudo 3d first person shooters of its time. Mind blowing. That was truly amazing!

  27. Proper air/fluid simulation in this one if i remember right.

  28. This game was the greatest. So much fun and easy to control. Looking Glass Studios did a fantastic job.

  29. Ah memories. I miss those days in the mid 90s. Doesn't look bad considering how little memory and power the systems had back then.

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