Flight Simulator 2022: ULTRA REALISM on RTX™ 3090 with $100 Graphics Mods! Flying to San Diego | 4K - gamenightuiuc.com

Flight Simulator 2022: ULTRA REALISM on RTX™ 3090 with $100 Graphics Mods! Flying to San Diego | 4K

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Microsoft Flight Simulator on RTX 3090 with Ultra Realistic graphics mods. In this video we are flying from Boston, Massachusets to San Diego, California. San diego airport known for its breathtaking approach due to its proximity to downtown skyscrapers.
Our flight will take us across the United States of America. MSFS is one of the best flight simulators providing ultra realistic graphics for PC and Xbox Series X! I also use the best third-party mods that in combination with high-end PC (RTX 3090 + Core i9) let us experience the best realism possible in the MSFS.
This video includes real airplane sounds which I do not own. The sounds have been taken from these videos:
by Casey Planespotting
FlyTampa Boston
LVFR San Diego
4 SEASON PACK trees mod
PMDG 737
//Camera movement:
TrackIR 5
//Color correction:
NOTE: I have added color correction effects for more realistic effect!
RTGI Reshade for DOF blur effect
SoFly Weather presets
AIG Traffic
FSrealistic Core
Skydolly + Flight Control Replay
Recording software:
Nvidia ShadowPlay

Editing sofware:
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
My PC specs:
-CPU cooler:
-Storage NVMe (2TB):
-Storage SATA SSD (2TB):
-Storage SATA SSD (1TB):
-OS: Windows 11 Pro
-Monitor: 43inch 4K monitor + 23inch 1080p monitor
-Flight Controls (PS4 Gamepad):
-Flight Controls (Airbus Sidestick):
-Mouse Pad:


  1. Amazing! I really liked your comment at 10:55, haha! I was like, what the heck is that airplane doing on the runway!?

  2. Superb flight and landing. Couldn't have done it much better myself. Congrats.

  3. Bloody brilliant 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  4. I flew from Fl to San Diego a couple of months ago and the views from inside the window on the approach are indistinguishable..

  5. This video would be realistic except for one thing. Southwest only flies Boeing 737

  6. what was that when you were lifting the plane? , that could have you crashed the plane

  7. “Airbus A737 neomax” 💀

  8. Bro was she Gngnam Style-ing on the airport ? 💀

  9. blud said “the aircraft is obviously neo max” bro thinks I work at ATC 24/7

  10. 10:50 that's good! holly sht! the people int the plane on the ground they probobly blacked out!

  11. Thanks to this man, now I learned to fly the PMDG 737 on MSFS!!! Edit: Plane sounds hear very realistic

  12. Lol I was in a Southwest airline last year. SD to Tucson.

  13. ahh yes, the state of the art Boing A737 NEOMAX with side stick! the joke is just for decoration

    edit: i said boing on purpose

  14. Airbus A737 Neo Max😂……is there such a plane?

  15. Wait I have a question, I how do you get vnav to follow your altitude and speed in waypoints, mine only follows what I put in the climb cruise and descent section so it don’t follow waypoints speed and altitude

  16. I like it how the outside is basically RL, while airport people is like Spiderman for PS2 😂



  18. really cool seeing MCRD from this perspective. When i flew into San Diego for bootcamp it was nighttime so you couldn't see it.

  19. I thought the landing was smooth af. The takeoff however was almost a disaster due to someone in ATC lol

  20. Cat lover and public transport lover says:

    Bro said airbus instead of Boeing

  21. Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.

  22. WOW…. At 10.42 when the plane is on its runway for take off, an other jet is rolling across the runway. When the plane is lifting, the nose on a Jetblue is on the runway. That is not realistic… I hope.

  23. 18:22 — Did… did an 18 wheeler just fall off the upper freeway?

  24. What’s up with the gargling sound effects

  25. Great video bro, could you post the link of the reshade preset?

  26. The ultralight propeller sounds instead of the actual jet engine sound isn’t doing it for me. Beautiful plane, and simulation though

  27. With VR game is next level.
    Imagine Apple headset.. resolution.. it will be amazing.

  28. you forgot to use the reverse thrust when landing, or it just didn't render

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