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Flight Sim 2018 #36 – New Charter Airplane Unlocked – Best Android Gameplay

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🔴Hello guys!
Here you have a video of me playing ” Flight Sim 2018 “. This will help you understand if this game is for you without downloading it.
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✅About This Game: Ever wondered what is feels like to pilot legendary jet airliners ? In Flight Sim 2018 you have a global open world map to explore, with an amazing selection of realistic airplanes. Enjoy the fully immersive experience
provided by awesome flight controls, realistic interiors and sound effects, full day-night cycle, and challenging weather scenarios. In this Flight Simulator you can fly across the globe between a large selection of real cities and airports. Prove yourself as the best pilot when faced with challenging landings !

Fly across the globe, play the best Global Flight Simulator !

Many Planes To Choose From
Global Open World Map
Spectacular Day-Night Cycle
Realistic Flight Controls (tilt steering, buttons or lever )
Actual Plane Cockpits
Dynamic Weather Systems
Challenging Landing Scenarios
Accurate engine sounds
In flight radio communications
Lots of customizations
Request new planes or features on our Social Pages!
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  1. Not a plane for me I want to fast One the one can go 2,000 I'm just going to say mile per hour okay yeah

  2. I dont really like the game especially the physics. are really bad. for the propeller, aircraft. Puts too much support, on their game, too much logos, for the creators name.
    Its just useless. But the good thing about it is, multiplayer.

  3. bạn lái máy bay to nhất đi you fly the biggest plane

  4. Amazing vid bro

    Congrats u have a new subscriber 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😍

  5. Em củng bơi trò chơi gióng như anh

  6. พี่ พี่ครับซื้อเครื่องบินตรงไหน

  7. This game give real pilot expierence

  8. I also do a butter in this game with Boeing 777

  9. 👑Hamoody King Gaming My 5G BMGO👑 says:

    I Need this Game !!😂😂👍👈

  10. Cool actions from free dela hoya Made by amayar says:

    I. Do aloe. This. Game

  11. go to setting change normal to simulation the throtle will change theres a nuber speesmd test it

  12. Esse jogo é meio bugado ele fala que tem q pousar em VS -25 sendo q o avião pousa com o nariz para cima

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