First time flying in the new Avatar game (Full Gameplay) -

First time flying in the new Avatar game (Full Gameplay)

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Full gameplay of me getting my flying mount (Ikran / Banshee) in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, a new open world game set in the Avatar world from the movies! Everything you need to know about the game is in my full preview here:

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  1. Man I’m sad it’s only PlayStation five exclusive 😞 it looks so fun as an Avatar fan.

  2. Man, it's so pretty. I can't play it but i sure can enjoy your videos

  3. when are you uploading alan wake 2? I can’t wait for the rest :3

  4. I so wisj they could’ve had dying light type movement on foot so tjat you actually feel like you are doing cool parkour among tje trees

  5. Your channel's one of the places I go to when I need new game recommendations!

    If you're up to it, I recommend you check out the game Kabaret, it's an extremely interesting Malaysian dark fantasy folklore game on steam. You might like it!

  6. This game is going to fail soo bad. I couldn’t even get through the second movie. James Cameron is going to fail this time.

  7. Man I got my hopes up thinking it had released and signed on to buy it only to see I’m a month early. Can’t wait to put hours into this game. Im the worlds worst at FPS games so I definitely need to start practicing to get better. Its so weird that im good with melee and bow and arrow weapons but when it comes to aiming the gun and shooting in FP I end up wasting most if not all ammo on one enemy maybe hitting them once or twice lol.

  8. i wonder can you choose what color Ikran once the full game comes out or is it predetermined? idk if i will get this game since idk if this game will be out on the switch

  9. funny how i still remember young me playing the other avatar game on the wii and ps3 those were absolute masterpieces

  10. Me and my lizard-pigeon Gary are going to f*ck sh*t up when this comes out

  11. I'm eagerly waiting this game, for the last few years.. but now i have very mixed feelings. The first gameplay trailer had insane graphics (probably the best ever, in any game), but what i see now in actual gameplay footage must be an aprils fool joke.. or a downgraded console version. While aesthetically it still looks great, the colour pattern is also pleasing to the eyes, but if it weren't to the animated vegetation, it would look like a game from 2010 or even before.. sometimes it barely looks better than Oblivion. The textures are terrible, the shadows are mid at best (and even lacks at some places), the foliage isn't dense enough, afterall it's an almost untouched jungle.. the clouds are really-really low res, and something with the illumination is just off.. like an early access game.. the polygon count on the objects is also pastgen (i would dare to say, xb360 level).. i really don't know what to think.. i hope this is just the low graphical preset.

  12. I hate how they keep making the banshees repetitive, i mean, in the video there's like 2 green ones and that's including the one you get and 5 yellow ones, maybe a purple one and then you get a blue one if you get a certain version of the game, same happened in the old game, all were the same, but banshees are different and unique, there's many colors and they should've made them more colorfull or give you the option to customize or choose your own

  13. the flying mechanic is so broken, that i stoped playin the game after i got that ikar………………………….. disgusting low quality programing!!!

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