FIRST MAJOR FLIGHT: A320neo Los Angeles to San Francisco - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Part 6 -

FIRST MAJOR FLIGHT: A320neo Los Angeles to San Francisco – Microsoft Flight Simulator – Part 6

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  1. moneys a little tight so trying to save up to get the logitech flight sim gear lol gonna be a while maybe i can find a joystick on facebook marketplace to get so i can enjoy this more lol

  2. V1 for this plane and planes about this size are around 130-140 knots.

  3. "looks like we went of that pink line when we where trying to climb all that time" hey, that rhymes

  4. Throttle control is being controlled by auto pilot you can cut it off on the dash near the auto pilot buttons called “ auto pilot throttle “

  5. Are you playing this on pc? Do they make it for ps4? Graphics look insane.

  6. You can't even fly the huge 737 thr throttle won't work after you takeoff

  7. I was actually on a singapore airlines A320 neo going to singapore and the plane was incredible I got there just in 6 hours

  8. throttle not responding, might have been autothrottle


  10. He’s cruising an a320 at 33,000 ft with flaps down going 150 knots. 😂

  11. hey i love the videos but im just wondering where did you get your yoke

  12. id say the speeds on takeoff were all horky dorky

  13. Famous last words. “Juice juice juice. I think we juiced it to much.”

  14. Hey, making the whole trip with flaps deployed?

  15. Maybe fly to Los Angeles to Las Vegas

  16. Dude I like your flight sims so much , Iam into VR to explore lot to learn gr from the 🇮🇩

  17. Cruise speed needs to be around 320 kn and ground speed of about 450 to 500 especially on your AOA it will indicate your stall and obviously your green speeds keep it green for the rest of flight and you should be maintaining a 10° pitch after takeoff following flight directors Rotational speed of a fully loaded A320 is usually around 150 max considering 747 is 160 so an A3 20 should be a little bit lower especially due to the fact that such a smaller aircraft 144 is usually a very rough estimate for normal aircraft to take off

  18. takeoff be like: v1 rotate rotate rotate rotate please rotate please im begging you rotate

  19. What happened to the 747 you promised us??

  20. I was just traveling 3 days ago flying from Doha and also saw like millions of small circles.

  21. When your close to the ground just put the throttle up

  22. U need to program the plane to do What u want it to do. The FMC is the most inportent part of a flight. There u can put where u want to go, takeoff speed. Aproach. Final aproach and the runway u want to land on. On the aouto pilot section u need to put the plane on auto pilot, and if it was a Boeing u can turn on something caled VNAV and LNAV. They help whit speed and course. I know i wrote this late but i just wanted to help. 🙂

  23. Omg I have the game I just want your joystick.😢🥺

  24. the autothrottle was on thats why you couldnt use the throttle

  25. 8:55 the green circles are grass farms.

  26. Lol dude. I need you to learn some common aviation terminology. Also, I watched a few of your vids. They’re cool but please stop climbing out at such steep pitch angles 😂 10 degrees nose up will have you right. You’ll have a stable climb rate and your airspeed will increase. Learn about Vspeeds because still being on the runway at 180kts and you’re not heavyweight can damage landing gears and etc.

  27. Your auto throttle is on which should be the issue with your thrusters!

  28. I love how trev always does his research before going on a flight. Keep up the great videos!

  29. Very professional pilot talk. "Flaps and juice."

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