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Dragon Game Project in UE4. IKinema and flying at Kite map

Dragon Game Project
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Thanks to UE 4.18 update and its optimization I finally could try the huge Kite map. It still works pretty unstable and such, but at least better than 5-8 fps than it was before. Also tried IKinema plugin and I’m pretty unsure and disappointed: it works pretty weird (quite difficult to set up), IKinema has pretty non-detailed documentation with outdated tutorials (I can say, almost without any good tutorials and examples), costs a lot since you have to buy it at every computer etc.
We also added several minor animations to create more life-like appearance, and going to make even more soon.

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  1. What name is the Dragon game going to be called?

  2. Animation looks a little stiff in some retrospects, like the tail not exactly turning when the dragon makes its turn in the flight. Its looking really good tho! I'm liking it pretty good so far. 😀

  3. This is the funnest and smoothest flying in a dragon game I have ever seen!

    Please, keep up the good work.

    Do you think that perhaps in the future this will be available to purchase and play? And is controller support one of the features that would be possible?

  4. This is amazing! The environment alone has me sold!

    The first person view and flight mechanics look brilliant as well!

  5. ( >)__(>) omg wat did I just watch…. my heart…..213mph flying then a glide…….then boom my baby slows down……..ahhhhh im gonna cry….look at her mussels so strong hover skillz on point.. hey no free falling u scared me… ughhh still a child…. u could have broke a leg or broke a wing. didnt u see that tree….bad girl

  6. This map..this dragon..that animation..

  7. the movement is a little asymmetric yet still the whole thing looks great so far

  8. this could be so much more than just a fan project :O maybe the foundation of the dragon survival game we all were waiting for ever since 🙂

  9. This is cool but you should be able to drop fireballs

  10. this is impressive so far! best dragon mechanics and map i've seen! kudos!
    if you are developing it further, and you haven't already considered this, I'd suggest to make the wing bones and fingers more rigid as the wings seem kind of floppier than they should be during flight, and the tail should be a bit more stiff in the way that it doesn't simply move with motion, but the rudder visibly coordinates with turning, climbing, and descending movements. I would say to also make the wings fold in while turning, the fold increasing with the amount of the turn, so starting with slight folding from the fingers for light adjustments to a complete fold of the elbow for steep turns and turn-dives. the wing that will fold should be the wing that is on the side of the turn.
    i can't wait to see how this goes! 👍

  11. it look nice n so relaxing , can u guys make a nightfury ?

  12. I can see Silver WilloWing playing this xd

  13. That music makes me want to cry… It's just so… Beautiful!

  14. I this going to be a game for VR, PC or what is it for? I really want to know

  15. This reminds me of dragon heart, the nostalgia is real 😁

  16. I need a game like that. Super awesome 👏🏻

  17. I could definitely give that a video a “Relaxation” status.
    Such a Beautiful Dragon and a Map@-@

  18. Can't wait on this! I would love to see this grow as a project!

  19. i want a flying game where you can fly high into the sky and dive and spin and free fall! that would be amazing!

  20. Do you think you can make it so other animaks and humans can ride dragons? (And the other animals you have made)

  21. If this became a game, then I would definitely donate

  22. I really want to play this game it's so beautiful

  23. Will this wonderful game be able to download? Even shadowing it has! Pweeeaaase 🥺
    If it wouldn’t be free I would buy it anyways! 😉🤑

    One question: Will this be for multiplayer? Chat and stuff.. I’m sure this will be the best dragon game ever! 👍🏻

  24. Will this be possible to download??? :0
    PLS, i want this game frene pls pls pls pls
    IS SO COOOOL!!!!! 😍😍😍
    GOOD JOB!!!!! 😀 😍😍😍

  25. I LOVE the dragons flying
    THIS IS SOOOO COOL!!!! 😍👍🏻😍👍🏻

  26. I REALLY want to play this game!!!!! 😍👍🏻😍👍🏻😍👍🏻

  27. I Love It! This Is Game Dragon Reallife! So I Like It!

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