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Dragon Game Project in UE4. IKinema and flying at Kite map

Dragon Game Project
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Thanks to UE 4.18 update and its optimization I finally could try the huge Kite map. It still works pretty unstable and such, but at least better than 5-8 fps than it was before. Also tried IKinema plugin and I’m pretty unsure and disappointed: it works pretty weird (quite difficult to set up), IKinema has pretty non-detailed documentation with outdated tutorials (I can say, almost without any good tutorials and examples), costs a lot since you have to buy it at every computer etc.
We also added several minor animations to create more life-like appearance, and going to make even more soon.

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  2. Flying looks amazing, the terrestrial animations need some work tho. Looks beautiful! A little less dust when walking, and maybe a tail fin for extra lift? The mountainous landscape is very appealing!

  3. If I am able to build some sort of lizard man kingdom in this map I’m going to flip

  4. i need thise in my life and as got fan beabel to be Drogon XD

  5. this is one of the best dragon flight animation testing i have seen since Drakan: the ancients gates. the animations can use some work and I suspect some optimization would be in order. but overall i think this could really go far. Tell us, what was your inspiration for this?

  6. Just imagine, destructive environment with buildings and trees. Get bored of flying? Go start a forest fire or wreak havoc on a town? Possibly hunt/maintain h2o? Maybe be a wyvern? Eventually enable to be ridden for perks?Options are endless here 💪🏻🙏🏻

  7. PLEASE FINISH THIS GAME!!! Seriously. I need it 😉 If you are open to suggestions maybe you could add some narrow passages/canyons to fly through vertically.

  8. This game is over the top realistic and I love it!!!

  9. I see targaryen riding on a dragon when im seeing this hahaha goodjob! Haha

  10. Can dragon use ability other elements, other powers, perks, special techniques and shoots beam instead generic flame breath?


  12. This is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in a video game. I truly wish you the best in the creation of this game and hope that you enjoy the project as much as everyone who is following it does. All us dragon lovers out there really appreciate you for little videos like this. ^-^

  13. That is incredible, to see how to fly. ^^

  14. I would suggest a very strong over-exaggeration of movement. The transition is flawless, and it looks great, but when the wings flap, it's more comfortable and believable to have them come almost vertical. And the run as well. Make the legs extend forward, up to the chest almost, and have the dragon stretch out slightly. The more stretchy and farther up the arms/legs reach, the more graceful and fast they are.

  15. That first-person dragon gameplay… I NEED THIS 😀

  16. I have literally just found this channel… And this game project. And I already love it!

  17. Recently I have got unsatisfacted with games such as Final Fantasy XIV Online, that have a very mechanical flight system. Seems like you're on an UFO or something (And what pisses me off is that this is applyed to every mount in the game, be it a machine or not). So, I caught myself thinking about some nice, fun and smooth flight system for gaming. I've stumbled on "The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon", which got kinda of a good flight system, but I believe that, since it's not a sandbox game, it could be better. So game project caught my attention and, I have to say, HOLY CRAP THAT LOOKS SO GOOD! I don't think it's perfect (The loud wing sfx bothered me for some reason), but considering it's a "just an indie project", it already looks so much fun and smooth, and better than many games I've seen already.

    Anyway, you did a REALLY good job. Keep up the good work! I'm rooting for you.

  18. Hello I was wondering if you knew when this Will be released into a real game so players all around the world could play. Just asking tho.

  19. This really should be a dragon survival grow from an egg game it has more potential then Day of Dragons!

  20. Much better then day of scams keep up the great work

  21. The flying animation could use work. Look into bat wings rather than bird wings. They're castle different in how they work and are honestly a much better visual aesthetic for the dragon design you have.

  22. Much better than day of dragons lol keep UP the amazing work

  23. quand est-ce que le jeu sort ? qu'on puisse y jouer aussi ?
    when is the game coming out? that we could play it too?

  24. Is this still being worked on? Because omg I really want to play this rn!!! It's PERFECT!!! I know you guys have some work to do but I will definitely support this in any way I can to ensure that people can play it😊👌✌️

  25. Ого ничего себэ! Какая хорошая игра хочется прям стать этим драконом

  26. This really looks similar to emberfall. Is it the same game or has someone copied? Im curious

  27. When will this be released? If you don't know its fine, i just really need this game! 😍😍😍

  28. is your graphics card still alive after you record this?

  29. This should have had the dragon heart theme

  30. when you realize we are way better at makeing actual dragon animations than Bethesda xD

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