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Disney Pixars Cars Movie Game – Crash Mcqueen 74 – Flying Ninja Sarge

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Join us in a series of Crash Lightning Mcqueen, where we find him driving and crashing with friends all over the town. In this particular video, Lightning is practicing stunts at the sandy halfpipe when he runs into Sarge! The Sarge shows us his NINJA SKILLS, first he disappears into the sand 2:46 and then drops out of the sky and immediately disappears like a ninja!!! Also the Sheriff goes flying at 3:15! There are plenty of other fun moments so watch and enjoy!!!!

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  7. Sarge is personally one of my favorite characters. It was very funny when McQueen slammed into him and he said nothing then disappear into the ground then fall out of the sky for no reason. 🤣

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  10. Uhhh… Can You Stop Crashing Into Cars? Its Annoying.. -Mack

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