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  1. What happens if you do the tenerife airport disaster?

  2. If you put the date to 911 something really cool happens

  3. Did you also know if you set your date to 9/11 you get banned

  4. Enters 10-11-01
    Why cant i enter my birthday..

  5. I saw this exact same video but from another channel, it was uploaded 2 months earlier. has the same video clip but the text is read by an actual person. this is stolen/copied content. this channel is "just game facts", the other one is "game facts"

  6. September 11th 2001 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  7. Just now september 11th 2001. You will get banned

  8. So that said, don’t fly over your parents house 9 months before you were born. You may see more than what you bargained for.

  9. I thought it was just gonna be another short talking about the 9/11 ban.
    I didn’t know, however, that setting the date to when an eclipse occurred would create an eclipse in the game. Now that is attention to detail.

  10. If youve been wondering why your 3 year old laptop with 20GB of DDR4 memory only gets about 3 frames per minute playing FS designed years before your laptop was even built, it's all of these additional lines of irrelevant code. -The programmers were disrespecting you. 😂

  11. Dont do september 11 2001 tho cus you will get banned

  12. Why Is The Number 10 Always Scared?Because 7 ate 9?No..Because Its In The Middle Of 9/11 😂

  13. Bro you latterly just stole this the exact same vid was uploaded 3 months

  14. Bruh video and words are straight stolen on this

  15. Forgive me for saying this but how about September 11?

  16. Copy cat, you copied game facts exactly like the video he uploaded. 😑

  17. I initially thought this was going to be some 9/11 related shit

  18. You do NOT get banned for setting the date to 9/11, that was fake news

  19. "Did you know that in the MSFS if you set the date and the time to a real life-"
    Nawww thought it was something else 💀

  20. You can set the date to any hurricane, and go fly through it. I set it to 2005 at Galveston TX, and that hurricane was right there.

  21. Don't set your date to 9. 11. 2001/11. 9. 2001

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