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We’re playing Lethal League in this week’s episode. We must eliminate each other by hitting a ball at one another. Last man standing wins. The losers will be pelted with dodgeballs in real life.

The whole Smosh Games crew gets together to play in an EPIC CHALLENGE every Friday! The price for failure? Humiliation!

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  1. xD Mari stood still with her hands behind her back ready to get hit while Joven tried blocking the ball 😑

  2. I love how you think 300 is fast you an get to a million and there is an achievement for it

  3. Man Joven got hit with all the balls I feel sorry for him

  4. Was i the only one who could keep track of the ball clearly even when it was travelling so fast?

  5. I wish that wes and flitz did all the shows but game bang was always this squad

  6. I loved them sooooo much more here than now

  7. we did nothing to you Jovan

  8. I couldn't stop rewinding when Mari got drilled in the face😂😂 good job sohinki💪

  9. They messed up one of the rounds when laser corn wasn't playing and ian was they put laser corns name up instead

  10. At 4:30 you guys made a mistake. When Ian was playing and Lasercorn wasn't, lasercorn's name was on there instead of Ian's. Just saying.

  11. Mari took that dodgeball like a winner or even a champion !!!!!!!

  12. I would of done 2v2 then a 3v3 which tells us who wins and who loses

  13. Mari is tougher then joven 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Never talk about pegging and balls in the same sentence people.

  15. When lcorn is not playing it said he's playing as candy man

  16. When koro sensei becomes a carnival master
    Like if you get gets that assassination classroom reference it would make my day

  17. I came from the future… Anthony is no longer in smosh

  18. Joven is always a Camper in this type of rounds…

  19. Always expect Anthony, Sohinki, or Lasercorn to win a gamebang. And always expect Ian, Mari, or Jovenshire to lose a gamebang.

  20. Raptor (guy with baseball bat) reminds me of Ness from Earthbound.

  21. Is anyone else watching these during the 2020 quarantine reminiscing about the old Smosh?

  22. "That was impossible to track."

    Quote of this video.

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